Main Menu Navigation

Navigating Forecast: Main menu


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Main Menu Navigation


At the very top of the task, you'll find the Main Navigation Menu.

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Starting from the left:

  1. My Tasks, which houses all of your work/tasks, whether Overdue, due This Week, Next Week, Future and All.
  2. Projects which houses all of the projects you are assigned to.
  3. Timesheets where you can Log Time on your work.
  4. Schedule where you can view and manage your team, and view the progress of your projects. You can also allocate team members to tasks, create new projects, adjust projects, milestones or tasks altogether. For users with Collaborator permission level, you will be able to only see the projects you are assigned to.
  5. Reports which houses all of the reports you have created. From here you can access, edit, share or delete reports (chose to hide or show by clicking the profile icon).
  6. Timer which you can click to start recording time, and then stop to either register time or rest.
  7. Action Button: By clicking here you can create new projects, tasks, connected projects, time entries, team members, clients, reports and expenses. 
  8. Notification Icon from where you can view and access all of your Notifications, which are on the latest updates to things such as assigned Tasks, Projects, Mentions, Comments, changes to Task status and more. 
  9. Profile Icon from where you can of course access your Profile, Help Center, Shortcuts or Logout. Admins will also be able to access the Company Settings section. 

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