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Navigating Forecast: Main menu

Time to read: 5 min

Main Takeaways:

  • Forecast's Main Menu navigation allows you to navigate throughout the platform efficiently. 
  • Learn about the structure of the Navigation menu.
  • Learn about the layout of the three major functions.


navigation 1


1. My Work: This is your personal space. Here you will find everything that has to do with you. Scroll down to the My Work section for more information and visual representation.

2. Projects: Here you will find all of your company's projects. Scroll down to the Projects section for more information and visual representation.

3. Company Portfolio:
Here you can find all the resources of your company under one roof.

4. Timer:
The timer helps you track the amount of time spent in the platform. Learn more here.

5. The search field: The search field allows you to quickly find what you are looking for simply by entering its name. 

6. Global Add Button: Click to create a new task, project, connected project, time entry, team member, client, report or an expense item.

7. In-app notification center (bell icon): The bell icon informs you every time there has been a development in any of the tasks that you have been assigned on and as an Admin it helps you keep track of your teams movement. Learn more about the notification center here.

8. Your profile button: From here you can view your own Profile, if you are an Admin you can view the Admin panel, you can be directed to the Help center, choose to hide or view the timer, review the shortcuts and log out of Forecast.

The three main functions and their layout

My Work

The focus of this tab is you. Here you will find everything related to your work that has been assigned through Forecast. Specifically in My Work tab you will have access to:

navigation 2.1

1. My Tasks: all of your work/tasks, whether Overdue, due This Week, Next Week,  or Future 

Read more here 

2. My Timesheets: View/review and log your working hours while also being able to view your team members logged time. As an Admin, a Controller or Manager you also have the ability to remind your team members to log their time through the Timesheets and edit their own time. Read more here.

3. My expenses: Through this tab you can view, manage and track the expenses you have generated on projects. Read more here.

Finally, if your account level in your company's Forecast platform is Collaborator you will be able to view your tasks via a fourth tab named My Schedule. Please keep in mind this is only for Collaborator level access.



Here you will be able to find and access the list of all the projects that have been created or you are currently assigned to. The project list will look like this:

navigation 2.1-1

Company Portfolio

The company portfolio allows you to find all of the resources that your company is making use in Forecast under one roof. Please keep in mind that this section is available to Admins, Controllers, and Managers. Under this tab you will be able to find:

navigation 3

1. Schedule People: From here you can view as well as manage your team. You can allocate team members to tasks, create new projects, adjust projects, phases or tasks. For users with Collaborator permission level: you will be able to only see the projects you are assigned to.

Read more here

2. Schedule projects: manage your portfolio of projects. For more detailed information please visit our article on Schedule: Project View Walkthrough.

3. Team Timesheets: Monitor your team's time logs. For more, please see Timesheets.

4. Invoicing: From here you can get a full overview of all your invoices and generate new ones. Please keep in mind that this tab can only be accessed by Admin and Controller level clearance. See this article for support.

5. Reports: View, create, edit and share reports. To learn about the different types of reports that you can create please see this list of articles.


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