Notification Settings

View and edit all notifications settings in Forecast.

Notifications are updates about activity on Forecast, this can encompass the following items (all of which can be turned on or off).

  • Project status change
  • Assigned to a project
  • Mentions
  • Assigned to a task
  • Task/project update

There are two ways to receive a notification, one is in-app and the second is via email. Let's first dive into the settings of the notification center. 


Notification Settings


Step 1: Access your Profile and select Notification Settings - 2019-06-27T094402.583


Step 2: Choose between in-app notification, email notifications or both - 2019-06-27T095344.459


Step 3: Choose the frequency of the digest, which are updates on the progress/status of your work. You can opt to receive those daily or weekly. These are sent to your email address. (48)


Step 4: Choose which in-app and/or email notifications updates you wish to receive. - 2019-06-27T095932.322


Step 5: Click to expand Advanced Settings and choose which in-app and/or email notifications you which to receive from Task Updates - 2019-06-27T100320.002


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