Portfolio Report Components

Create reports for the entire organization

Portfolio insights are used to create reports on your entire organization. Look through the list below, and find the components that match the needs of the report. You can create as many reports as you like.


Task List

Configurable list of task data, e.g. title, progress, time reported, and deadline.

task list

Client List

Configurable list of client data for the entire account, e.g. client name, budget, and spend.​



Expense Report

Configurable list of expenses for your portfolio.

Expense report-4

Monthly Utilization

Monthly Utilization shows you how your team members are being utilized. Edit the report to define the colors and percentage values you want to use.



Notes field to use for commenting and providing information.



People List

Configurable list of people data for the entire account, e.g. person, default role, permissions, and time reported.​

people list

Project List

Configurable list of project data for the entire account, e.g. project name, progress, time reported, and budget.



Reported Time

Configurable list of time registration data for the entire account, e.g. person, time reported, and spend.



Weekly Time

Weekly Time shows you the time reported by team members versus the time they have available in a given week.


Resource Utilization Bar Chart

Utilization chart showing the number of available hours and allocated hours.

resource utilisation


Utilization List

Configurable list of people utilization data for the entire account, e.g. available, scheduled, and registered hours.​

utilisation list