New Pricing FAQ

Please check out the frequently asked questions about the new pricing plans in Forecast.

Does the new pricing affect my plan/subscription if I already have a Forecast account ?

Yes and no, your subscription will be switched to one of our new plans that fits your former subscription type, but you will not see any change in the price as we are grandfathering all of our existing customers from a pricing perspective. 

Will my plan change in any way?

The only thing that might change is the name of your plan to either Lite, Pro, or Plus. 

The price will still be the same as it was before.

Do I actively have to switch to the new pricing plan/subscription?

No, no action is required from your side.

Will my current virtual users and/or client users be affected?

No, the change of the pricing does not have any effect on your users or client users.

What is the minimum number of seats?

The minimum amount of seats is 10. 

I have less than 10 seats, how does this affect me?

You will still only pay for the seats that you have signed up for.

Only new subscriptions have a minimum number of 10 seats.

Something is wrong with my subscription after the change to the new plan, what do I do?

If you have any questions about your subscription, your plan, or our new pricing model, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at