New Pricing FAQ

Please check out the frequently asked questions about pricing.

You’ve voiced it, and we’ve listened! The vision of Forecast is to eliminate unnecessary manual work. Gone are the days of having to process small payments, as we’re now switching to seat licensing. With this licensing form, you can easily invite or remove people without any hassle.

While working on this, we've decided to raise prices slightly so that we can invest more in the development of the platform. We hope you like the many improvements we've been rolling out over the last year - there is much more to come, and we're excited to have you with us on the journey.

Below are answers to common questions about changes in our subscription plans:

Does the new pricing affect my plan/subscription?

Yes, but we truly appreciate that you selected Forecast in the first place, so there is a long transition period for these changes to go into effect.

All monthly subscription plans will not be affected for 12 months.

Customers with Yearly or Enterprise subscription plans, can opt to renew their contract early and retain their current subscription conditions but must do so within the next 2 months (before 9th of July 2019). Contact us if you have any issues related to this, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Will my plan change in any way?

The only thing that will change on your current plan, is that we’re now counting “seats” instead of “named users.” In regards to the actual price paid, the effect is zero. When you remove a user, you have to remove the seat license as well to save money, and similarly, you have to add a seat license before you add a new user. This is because many customers are adding and removing users on a daily basis, which created a lot of activity for accountants, but not a lot of value.

After the transition period, your pricing will change to the new pricing as described above.

I didn’t get an email or notification from Forecast, but I heard about the price change. How do I know if my price is going up?

We have emailed all account administrators with this information, so hopefully, you or someone in your organization have received it. Please contact us if you have any questions not answered in your FAQ, and we’re sorry for the confusion.

Do I actively have to switch to the new pricing plan/subscription?

No, no action is required from your side.

Can I switch now?

If you would like to switch to the new plan now, you can contact customer support and we’ll move you to the new plan.

Will my current Virtual users and/or Client users be affected?

Not until you transition to the new plan.

What is the minimum number of seats?

The minimum number of seats is 10. This has gone up from 5, as we generally see organizations with less than 10 users aren’t really getting enough value from Forecast.

I have less than 10 seats, how does this affect me?

When the transition period is over, you will have to pay for 10 seats.

I need to re-train my team, do I have to pay the $499 Onboarding fee?


What happens if my number of users decreases/increases beyond my original subscription plan (I just need to add a few more users)?

You will remain on your current plan with the per-seat price from that plan until the transition period is over.

What does the $499 onboarding option include?

- Dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will be spearheading your training sessions, focused on getting to know you, your team and deliver on your success parameters.

- The custom onboarding process, tailored to your team and leadership, aimed to solve your pain points and improve the way you work.

- Weekly follow-up meetings with your CS manager during the first 90 days of your subscription.

Are there any other training options besides the $499 onboarding package?

Yes, we have a customizable training offering. Contact us to discuss your needs.

I have a monthly/yearly/enterprise subscription plan - how will the new plan changes affect me?

To find out what your price will be after the transition period, you can use the pricing calculator on our website, and of course, reach out to Sales to discuss your needs and pricing.

I have multiple Client users, which I paid for in advance in my current yearly plan, will I be credited for these?

Yes, if you switch to the new plan, we will calculate your new subscription fees based on the new pricing model, and credit previous payments against future billings.