Project Budget (Time view)

Find out how the Budget page in Forecast works and how you can use it to monitor the time planned and spent for your project.

The Project Budget in Forecast is intelligently connected to make your job easier. 

There are two views available for the budget, Money and Time. Both show the same thing but from the perspective of either money or number of hours. This article focuses on the time perspective of the Budget page. Read more here about the financial perspective.


Main takeaways

Layout - Level of Detail

Depending on the length of your project, the default view in the graph will alternate between the 2 views (days or month). For instance, if your project is 4 months long, and has been running for a few weeks, the default view will be Months. If your project is 2 months long then the default view will be days.


Chart: Track Time

Track the hourly budget of your project in the chart where you can compare the planned time (estimates) from you project scope to the actual delivered hours (time registrations) from your team members.


Project Totals

Just underneath your Budget Chart are your Project Totals, which displays time information that encompasses your Actual, Planned, Remaining and Forecast time for your project.

Actual = Time registered

Plan = Time estimated on your tasks 

Remaining = Remaining time on your tasks 

Remaining = Estimate - Actuals

BUT the remaining time on a task can never be negative. If you register more time on a task than estimated, the remaining time will remain zero.

If a task is completed in the workflow (Done) the remaining will automatically be zero.

Forecast = Actual = Remaining

You can use the eye icon to display each of those options.

You can also choose to display the variances in your project time:

Actual Variance to Plan = Actual - Plan = Time registered - Time estimated

Forecast Variance to Plan = Forecast - Plan 


Project Details

Scrolling past project totals are the Project Details, which display time across your: Actuals, Plan, Remaining, Forecast and more. All of which can be shown or hidden from the eye icon.

All tables are expandable and when expanded breakdown the financial information by each: 

  • Phase
  • Role 

The tables show you the development of your time budget over time.


Just like in the chart section of the budget, you can choose to group the financial information either by months, weeks or days - depending on the current duration of your project. 


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