Project Options: Client

The Client project option allows you to attach a client to your project as well as invite guest users from your client.

Main Takeaways

Please Note: If you are interested about the permissions that guest users have in a Forecast account please visit our article here.

If you wish to learn how you can assign a guest user to a project and tasks please visit our article here.

Client Option Overview

The project option Client, allows you to associate a client from your Forecast account that you have created onto a project. If you are uncertain as to how to create a Client in your Forecast account please find our article on Client creation here.

Below we will show you the different features the Client option includes.



1: Client Profile. Here you can review your Clients general information.

2: Client Select Dropdown: From here you are able to change the Client associated with the project easily and at will.

3: Edit. Edit allows you to add a note to the Client and also edit the Clients information.


4: All Guest Users. Here you can view a list with all the guest users you have invited to this project along with their information and access permission.

5: Add Guest User. This button allows you to invite a guest user that has limited access to the project, we will go over the process later in the article.

6: Remove Client. This button will allow you to remove the client that was associated with the project.


Inviting a guest user via the Client option

As stated above, the Client page allows you to invite a guest user onto Forecast. This guest user will have limited access to the project. 

Below you can view how to use the feature to invite guest users.


Once you invite the guest user they will receive an email with instructions on how to create their Forecast account and be able to view the project that you have invited them to. If you wish to delete the guest user from the project or edit any of their information click on the three horizontal dots and select. 

Editing the user will direct you to their profile where you can review and/or edit their information.