An Introduction to Project Timeline

Interactive Gantt chart of your projects

  • Project Timeline is a modern interactive Gantt chart for your projects
  • Find it within all of your projects: it is automatically set up as soon as you specify a start- and end date of the project
  • Timeline brings a better perspective for a more effective and manageable processes 
  • Follow each milestone from 0 to 100% done
  • Move whole milestones around, extending or shortening the timespan, and move tasks around inside the milestone

To learn more about the dependencies which you can set up in the Timeline, please see Dependencies, Subtasks & Task Owners-Followers

Working with the Timeline

As soon as you Scope out your project, the predetermined Milestones and their tasks will automatically show up in your Timeline​.


Step 1: In the Timeline, you can expand/collapse milestones to see task within the milestone directly.


Step 2: You can easily manage your tasks in a visual manner, simply by moving the tasks along the timeline, back or forward.​

Step 3: And, in order to open a task, you simply click it



The Timeline of a Project works exactly as it does the Schedule Section of Forecast. To get a complete understanding visit the Schedule Section.