An Introduction to Project Timeline

Interactive Gantt chart of your projects

Main takeaways

What exactly is the project timeline?

The project timeline is an interactive Gannt chart that gives you the ability to edit all of the resource management aspects in a project. Through it you are able to view when each phase and task are scheduled to be completed, who is assigned in which task and also re-assign, assign or remove team members from tasks. 

Familiarizing yourself with the Timeline

Once you have set up your project in the scoping page you will be able to view everything on the project timeline. The following picture explains the structure and functions of your timeline.

2021-08-17 (3)

1: Show/Hide & Drag single task. Show/Hide allows you to show or hide weekends in the timeline while the drag single task function allows you to drag a task AND the task that it shares a dependency with.

2: Collapse, navigate calendar & zoom function. Collapse allows you to quickly collapse all of the dropdown boxes on the timeline. Right next to it you will find the buttons that allow you to navigate the calendar with the middle mouse returning you to the present day. Finally, the zoom function allows you to zoom in or out of the timeline in case you prefer viewing weeks or days.

3: Search & filter. The search bar allows you to quickly find a task or phase that you wish to locate on the timeline calendars while the the filter function allows you to apply a number of filters to narrow your view to specifically what you are looking for.

4: Project name. Here you will find the name of your project alongside its ID.

5: Phases. In this section you will find each individual phase that makes up your project. By clicking on each phase you will be able to view their tasks and when they appear on the calendar.

6: Project team. This section will show the team members that are assigned to the project. By expanding it you will be able to view each team members days off in the calendar.

Utilizing the timeline 

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the timeline, you can use it to do a number of things. 

1. Change dates on a task or phase. The timeline allows you to simply drag an entire phase along with its task or single tasks along the calendar to quickly and effortlessly change the date.

changing dates gif-2

2. Create new tasks and/or phase. You are able to create new tasks under the phase you want by simply dragging the mouse cursor across the dates you want the task to be placed. Once you do that a pop up will appear that will allow you to name the task, choose if you wish to create a task or a phase.

3. Create dependencies between tasks. You are also able to create dependencies on tasks by simply dragging the dependency line between the two tasks.


To learn more about the dependencies which you can set up in the Timeline, please see Dependencies, Subtasks & Task Owners-Followers

The Timeline of a Project works exactly as it does the Schedule Section of Forecast. To get a complete understanding visit the Schedule Section.