Managing Rate Cards in Projects

Rate cards are the financial basis for all your projects in Forecast. This article will go over how you can add, change or edit a rate card from inside a project.

Main Takeaways

Note: This article will not cover how you can create a rate card. For this information please visit our article on the Admin Panel Set Up.

Adding Rate Cards to Projects

When creating a new project you have the ability to add a rate card. If you are uncertain which rate card to use you can always revisit the project later and add it. The steps below will show you exactly how you can add a rate card when setting up a project or later through the projects settings.

Option 1: Add the rate card that you prefer in the new projects creation tab when first creating a new project. Picture below shows you exactly where to find that option.


Simply click on the button and choose which one of the rate cards you would like to make use of in this project and you are done!

Option 2: As mentioned above, if you would like to add the rate card later in the project you are able to do so via the project itself. 

Step 1: Navigate to the project you would like to add OR change the rate card.


Step 2: Once in the project select Rate Cards by clicking on the hamburger menu.


ratecard2 (3)-Sep-28-2020-09-43-26-09-AM

Step 3: On the right hand side of the screen click on the Dropdown and select your preferred  predefined Rate Card.


You have now attached a specific rate to your project, which will be reflected in the budget. As mentioned earlier and shown in the gif, this is the procedure you have to follow in order to also change a rate card in a project. 


Edit your Projects Rate Card

Editing a projects Rate Card is easy and takes place in the same page of a project that we showed you above. However, a few things to keep in mind here is that editing a projects rate card will change the rate card for all of the other projects that this rate card is assigned to.

Below we will show you how to edit the rate card in a project, to learn how you can edit the rate card from the Admin panel please visit this article.

Step 1: In order to edit the rate card in a project click Edit (located on the right-hand side).


A message will be prompted, warning you that any changes made to your rate card will affect any project this rate card is attached to.

Step 2: Choose to edit one or all roles associated with this rate card.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 2.02.05 PM

1. Edit the Default rate field, whatever amount you place here will apply to all subsequent roles.

2. Edit an Individual role rate, any changes will only affect the specified role. - 2019-05-29T141243.955


Step 6: Once you are finished editing the rate card click on Done.



Your project's rate card has now been edited successfully!