Projects: Sprint Planning

If you and your team work in Agile uncover how to set up sprints in Forecast

This article is only relevant for teams following the Agile project management methodology, or simply teams that prefer to have an extra level between Scoping and the Workflow.

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After setting up a milestone in the Scoping section of a project, all tasks move to the backlog in Sprints. You can prioritize work in the backlog by moving the tasks up and down. From the backlog, you simply drag tasks into sprints.



Create a Sprint

Step 1: Choose a project and then click Sprints (44)


Step 2: Click on the New Sprint Button

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 10.45.40 PM


Step 3: Name the sprint, and select a start- and end date, or keep the suggested dates (45)


Step 5: Drag the tasks from the backlog into the new sprint (46)