Public Task Form

Improve the collaboration process and increase transparency with your customers through the use of Public Task Form.

The Public Task Form Feature is a great way to involve people from outside your project create to Tasks. With the Public Task From you will have a significantly improved intake process for upscoped work that your team can assess. Have, for example, your customers upload Tasks without access to Forecast, which you can then approve and start working on it. 


Main takeaways: 

Enabling Public Tasks

Step 1:
Select the desired project.

 step 1-2

Step 2:
Click the hamburger button on the top right hand corner of the submenu, and select Settings.

step 2-1

Step 3:
Scroll down through the settings page to find the section labeled Public Create Task Form (located just underneath the Cost Rate Calculation of Tasks section).

step 3-1



Step 4:
Click on the checkbox to enable the feature. The system will automatically generate a sharable link. 


Step 5: 
Copy the link by clicking on the copy button.



Step 6: Require password to create tasks


Step 7: Below the link you will also see a dropdown menu labeled Status ColumnClick on this and chose to determine the automatic status of this Public Tasks once is has been created. Select from options that reflect the Workflow columns of your projects e.g.: Backlog, In Progress, Done, To do, Test, Approval.



Step 8: Share the copied link with the desired person. The person will now be able to access the Public Task Form (as seen below) at any time using this link to create as many tasks as desired. 

public task

Step 9: 
To create the task just fill out the necessary information such as: task name, description, company name & email, end date and estimate. Once all of the necessary information is filled out, click the Add button. The task will be automatically added to the project.