QuickBooks Online Integration

Exporting invoices to QuickBooks Online

Time to read: 5 minutes


Disconnected from Quickbooks? See what do to do here.

Main Takeaways: 

  • The integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO) allows invoices, created in Forecast, to be exported to a linked QBO company
  • Once invoices are exported, they are synchronized hourly, or on-demand, with its exported counterpart


Step 1: Go to the integrations page in your admin panel, and scroll down to QuickBooks Online
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Step 2: Click Connect



Step 3: Authorize by signing in to your QuickBooks account

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Your Integration is now complete. In your Forecast page, you should see the following:

Note: To disable the integration, click Disable 

You are now ready to start exporting invoices from the Invoicing page, found in the sidebar in the project page.


Connecting a Client to a Quickbooks client


In order to be able to proceed with exporting invoices, you will need to first link the client(s) that you want to an existing client in your Quickbooks account. Please follow the steps below in order to learn how you can do that.


Step 1: An Admin of your Forecast account must edit the clients account and connect it to a client in your Quickbooks account. 

quickbooks gif1

Step 2: Choose the client you wish to connect with a client in your Quickbooks account and edit their profile. At the bottom of the editing page you will find the Quickbooks integration, click on it, choose the client you wish to connect to and click Link.

quickbooks gif2

Notice the Quickbooks icon next to your clients profile, after you have completed the process, indicating the client is connected. 


Exporting your Invoices from Forecast to Quickbooks

After you have successfully connected the client(s) you wish to your Quickbooks account clients you are ready to start exporting any invoices you want. To learn how to do so please follow the steps below.


Step 1: Go to the Invoicing tab under your company's portfolio.

quickbooks gif3

Step 2: Under the Invoices tab of the page, choose whether or not you wish to create a new invoice or select an existing one. To learn how to create invoices, see this article


Step 3: Click export

quickbooks img1

A popup window with options will be 


Step 4: Choose the customer, the tax code and the product/service while on this module and click Export. 

quickbooks img2

All done! 

Step 5: To access your invoice in Quickbooks where you can edit it further, click on the QuickBooks icon

quickbooks img3

Integration limitations

  • Exporting an invoice removes all existing payments from that invoice
  • An exported invoice cannot be modified in Forecast
  • An invoice cannot be exported if the target QBO company does not have any customers
  • Disabling the integration will unlink all exported invoices, irrevocably
  • Changing an exported invoice to calculate tax before applying the discount will result in a different discount being calculated in Forecast, after synchronisation
  • If an invoice is missing a cent (0.01) in payment, it will be ignored, as this can occur when invoices are paid in QuickBooks

Non-US QuickBooks Companies

As QuickBooks behaves differently for non-US companies, there are some additional constraints on these in Forecast:

  • If an invoice in Forecast has a reference number which an invoice in the QuickBooks company already has, it cannot be exported to QuickBooks
  • If different tax rates apply to different sales line items in QuickBooks, and a fixed discount is applied, this discount will appear larger in Forecast