QuickBooks Online

Exporting invoices to QuickBooks Online

The integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO) allows invoices, created in Forecast, to be exported to a linked QBO company. Once invoices are exported, they are synchronised hourly, or on demand, with its exported counterpart.

Linking a QBO company

Note that this is only available for admin users in Forecast with access to an admin account of the QBO company to link to.

  1. In Forecast, click on your name in the top right and click Admin.
  2. Then click on the Apps & Integrations label in the sidebar on the left.
  3. Scroll down to the section labelled Accounting & billing and click the QuickBooks logo.
  4. Click the Enable button and follow the directions on-screen to connect your QBO company to your Forecast company.

You are now ready to start exporting invoices from the Invoicing page, found in the sidebar in the project page.

Integration limitations

  • Exporting an invoice removes all existing payments from that invoice.
  • An exported invoice cannot be modified in Forecast.
  • An invoice cannot be exported if the target QBO company does not have any customers.
  • Disabling the integration will unlink all exported invoices, irrevocably.
  • Changing an exported invoice to calculate tax before applying the discount will result in a different discount being calculated in Forecast, after synchronisation.
  • If an invoice is missing a cent (0.01) in payment, it will be ignored, as this can occur when invoices are paid in QuickBooks.

Non-US QuickBooks Companies

As QuickBooks behaves differently for non-US companies, there are some additional constraints on these in Forecast:

  • If an invoice in Forecast has a reference number which an invoice in the QuickBooks company already has, it cannot be exported to QuickBooks.
  • If different tax rates apply to different sales line items in QuickBooks, and a fixed discount is applied, this discount will appear larger in Forecast.