Release Notes 2020

Release Notes - our way of denoting breaking news. Always stay up-to-date with intriguing changes to the Forecast platform.

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Month of September 2020

  • Merge Milestones on the Scoping page
    Fast, efficient and with less clicks! With the new merge functionality on the Scoping page, you now have the possibility to merge Milestones. You'll especially find it very handy when working in a project synced to several integrations.
  • Enjoy a more productive workspace with the new release of the Forecast Navigation.
    We've sorted all of your favourite pages into three different workspaces:
    • My Work - your personal space to manage your work
    • Projects - dedicated space to manage all assigned projects
    • Your company portfolio - manage and track your portfolio of resource, projects reports & invoices in one place.
    Learn more about the release here
  • Client page
    Keep track of all your clients on the dedicated client page, and track how they contribute to your sustainable growth. With the new functionality added to Forecast, every client you've ever invoiced can't be deleted. This ensures you can always find historical data on each client and helps you spend time where it matters.
  • Updates to the API key
    As an essential part of rolling out new features, we update the API on an ongoing basis. This update now includes the Schedule logic. Enjoy!
  • Expanding the timeline
    Get the full overview of the entire project plan in an instant when looking at the project timeline. With this new functionality, we'll always show you the folded out timeline, but if you want to drill further into each Milestone, you'll have to unfold it yourself.

Month of August 2020

  • A dedicated personal work space
    With tasks piling up, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. Forecast’s newly released ‘My Task’ page takes the stress out of organizing personal tasks, so every team member knows exactly what to work on and when. Read more about the release here
  • Updated terminology
    On the scoping page, you’ll experience a change in the terminology used around price. From today, Plan price will be Plan Revenue, whereas Actual Price is Actual Revenue.
  • Ever wanderers what day it was?
    Now you never have to worry about that again. When you register time on the Timesheet page it will automatically highlight the day it is.

  • Who Made Who
    .. well not the actual band! But with the new possibilities in the Admin panel under 'People', you can see who created users and when they were created.

  • New Filters
    The new Filter enables you to tailor your view helping you focus on the right things. Not only do you get a lot of new possibilities to filter on, you now also have the possibility to save them for future use and access them outside the Filter button.

Month of July 2020

  • Reduce complexity and keep productivity high with Simplified Schedule
    With the brand-new update to Schedule, the management of your resources will be the most flawless and fastest part of your everyday. Read more about the release here
  • Brighten your day with colors
    Attain a peaceful mind with the new colors added to the platform. The colors are ranging from yellow to purple, grey, blue, and green, helping you distinguish between Planned (green), Target (dark blue), Actuals (light blue), Remaining (purple), Allocations (yellow) and Time Off (grey).
  • Remove the noise and ensure focus is kept with the new My work page
    Struggling to see how much is planned for the week? With the new My Work page, you'll immediately see upcoming tasks, deadlines, and what is prioritized for you or a team member. With features like starring tasks and real-time updated statistics like weekly progress, deadlines, and time entries, you'll always have relevant insights available at your hand.
  • Approved or unapproved tasks
    Distinguish between unapproved or approved tasks. With the new addition to the task modal everyone can see if a task is approved or not. Marking a task as unapproved will ensure the tasks aren't reflected in the project's planned price and the team members' workflows.
  • Labeling tasks
    The AI assists you in adding labels to tasks. Either by suggesting what label to add to a single task, or automatically while editing several tasks. Whether you pick the labels yourself, or the AI assists you, the labels will help you more easily sort and find tasks. If you wish to export the Scoping or the Sprint page, Labels will also be included there.
  • Extended Support Hours
    We now have new extended support times! Customers located in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia & New Zealand will now have more time to reach out to our support team. The availabilities are: 
    • 7:00am - 8:00pm (Eastern Time)
    • 7:00am - 7:00pm (Central Time)
    • 7:00am - 6:00pm (Mountain Time)
    • 7:00am - 5:00pm (Pacific Time)
    • 3:00pm - 10:00am (+1)  Australian Eastern Standard Time
    • 7:00am - 2:00am (+1) Central European Standard Time

Month of June 2020

Increasing productivity
With new functionalities added to Scoping, Sprints, and Workflow, you can easily manage workloads, improve workflows, and save time on repetitive manual tasks.

  • Bulk select
    Reduce time spent on repetitive manual tasks with the new Bulk select. Have the AI assist you in finding the right people, make edits to the entire group of tasks, move or delete tasks in a few clicks. 
  • Group by role
    Save time when monitoring the workload for roles in Scoping, Workflow, and Sprints. Instantly shift the view to either Group by Role, Persons, or Empty persons to see who has time to take on more work. 
  • Efficiently register time
    Making it more intuitive and easy to register time causes more accurate data across the entire platform. With the new time entry modal, you just hit the little clock and can log time immediately. No matter what page you are looking at. 

Month of May 2020

  • Piso: New currency in Forecast
    With a population of around 102 million inhabitants and more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is one of the largest archipelagos in the world. Today we are proud to provide users of Forecast with the option of adding the Philippino currency, Piso. To many just pronounced as Peso, but if you want to get it right, the currency has, since 1967, been called Piso to reflect the spoken language.
  • AI-powered labels in Financial Portfolio Report
    Managing successful projects and companies often boil down to having the overview and spend time the most optimal way. To the Financial Portfolio Report, we've made it easier to see the AI-powered labels and use it to build a sustainable future. If you haven't already tested, go check it out. 

Month of April 2020

  • Actual billable utilization with a single click
    Have clear insights into how successful you are in converting capacity into revenue. With the latest add-on to the Resource Utilization report, you can easily monitor and compare planned vs. actual billability. See the billability in hours or percentage. All data is aggregated across the entire platform to help you reduce administrative tasks and spend more time planning where to optimize.
  • Off for vacation, or need to register time on non-project time?
    With the new functionality added to Schedule, it's now possible to add vacation or other non-project time-related activities directly on the Schedule page and see the hours booked reflected immediately on the Timesheet.
  • Timing is everything
    Some of you are registering time down to one single minute, and others are summing it up. No matter how you prefer to do it, we've made it more intuitive to add the propper time registration. It's not only making time registration more efficient it's also reducing potential human errors and providing you with more detailed insights into every corner of the project and business. If you haven't already noticed it, go test it out

Month of March 2020

  • New Dramatically Improved Timesheets
    Even though time registrations are so important, most people prefer to get done as fast as possible. We want to help you do that. Therefore we've given the Timesheet page a significant overhaul. Both design wise, UX wise, and last but not least, powering it even more robust with AI. All our Beta users have been giving it excellent scores, so we are so proud to be able to share it with you all finally. Want to read more about the updates? Read it here

Month of February 2020

  • Plan projects with the ease of Artificial Intelligence
    Creating the perfect project plan has, for centuries, been the goal for project-based companies around the world. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Project plans are known for being interchangeable, and to some extent, that is the charm.

    At Forecast, we've set out to help project-based companies be more efficient by automating manual, tedious tasks that make life as a project manager tough.

    Auto Schedule, the newly released feature from Forecast, will change the way to you  plan projects. Powered by AI project plans are automatically created with resources assigned and a set delivery date within seconds. The AI learns for your previous work and helps you predict what is coming up, prepping you with the knowledge while improving workflows. And even if changes appear, Auto Schedule can be reapplied with ease.

    Sounds like something you'd like to try? Read more here
  • Introducing powerfull tools to manage your retainers

    Automating project plans and helping you build a sustainable business with insights into each project has been extended. With the release of Retainers, the platform now offers project-based companies that wish to go into the new era of running a business a unique solution to run everything from Fixed Price and Time and Material projects to Retainers.

    Read more here