Release Notes 2021

Release Notes - our way of denoting breaking news. Always stay up-to-date with intriguing changes to the Forecast platform.

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Month of February 2021

  • Baseline!
    We're proud to introduce you to Baseline, Forecast’s newest feature. Baseline combines functionalities for:
    • Solving misalignment between project managers and account executives.
    • Avoiding unrealistic project plans.
    • Predicting project profitability and being able to make changes accordingly before it's too late.
    • Seeing the effect of proposed changes in an instant and communicating that to the client.
      With Baseline, Forecast now caters for a seamless experience from quote to invoice of your projects.
  • Time Registration Report (public beta)
    You asked and we listened - Forecast now has a new report to monitor the time registrations of your team members. The new design, grouping and filter functionalities let you easily report on the time entries of your team and view the data from different perspectives.
    The report is currently released in a beta version so please make sure you submit any thoughts or ideas for improvement you might have with the Feedback button on the report.
  • Fabulous Filters
    The filter component in Forecast is essential to narrow down a large number of projects, tasks or team members to only focus on specific ones. This months we have improved the filter opportunities so you can now filter for Followers, search in the Team filter and select only team members that are assigned to the project when filtering for tasks with specific assignees, followers or owners.
  • Save time and duplicate
    You were always able to duplicate tasks and entire milestones in Forecast. However, the duplicates would get the prefix "Copy" in the task name which resulted in spending time changing the name for every duplicated task. As we don't like unnecessary tasks we have now removed the "Copy" from duplicates.
  • Sort your projects
    With the lates update to the Projects page in Forecast, you can now sort your projects in the project stages by clicking on the column headers. Please note that this is only availabe when you display your projects as a list (not the grid view).
  • Spring cleaning in the Schedule Projects
    We have cleaned up the Schedule Projects a little bit and removed the project team bar. When expanding on a project and expanding on the project team section, you will now no longer see the bar deviding the milestones and tasks from the team's allocations.
  • Monthly Jira newsOur Jira integration grows and grows. You are now able to fill out required custonm fields when creating a issue or an epic in Jira from a task or a milestone in Forecast. If there are mandatory custom fields set up in your Jira account, you will be asked by Forecast to fill those in before Forecast can create the issue or epic in Jira.
  • Quick update on Quickbooks Online
    If you are exporting your Forecast invoices to Quickbooks Online you can now take advantage od the follwoing new features:
    • Sales terms that are set up for your clients in Quickbooks now also apply to invoices synced from Forecast.
    • The invoice date from Forecast is ecorted to Quickbooks
    • Your setting to let Quickbooks control the invoice reference that you can toggle on when exporting an invoice to Quickbooks is now saved so you don't have to set it new for every invoice.
    • Your Quickbooks setting to allow online payments is now also taken into account for invoices exported from Forecast.
  • Migrate your projects from Asana
    When you switched to Forecast from Asana, you can migrate your projects over into your new Forecast account. We are now also migrating the start and end dates on tasks and projects.

Month of January 2021

  • Search and Filter on our Scheduling views
    You now have the possibility to search and filter for tasks, people and projects on the project Timeline, the People and the Project Schedule. Try the new advanced filter functionality to plan your projects and resources while only focusing on specific items.
  • New improvements on the Invoicing and the Budget
    • Improvements on the UI of the Invoicing and the Budget page enable you now to see the invoiced and paid amounts in all places properly.
    • We also ensured that you can add longer notes to your invoices and see your Budget in the desired currency.
    • Furthermore, we have removed the tax from the paid invoicing amounts on the Budget page and the Project Portfolio report so you can monitor your financials without having to do the math yourself.
    • Lastly every sent invoice has now a unique URL to make it easier for you to share links to specific invoices with your team.
  • New currency available
    The Trinidad & Tobago Dollar is now available as a currency on Forecast.
  • New and enhanced Retainer functions
    • Running Retainers but without a fixed budget? No problem. You can now select Retainers as Time & Materials and even set a default target in hours on these. However when in comes to invoicing you can simply invoice the amount of hours registered in each period and at the end of each months while monitoring if you and your team are hitting the target.
    • As a new feature you can now download you time registrations of a retainer period as a CVA in the context menu of the period (three-dot-icon).
    • We have also fixed the CSV download of your retainer periods so you can extract the data of your retainer periods easily from the Periods page.
  • Avoiding accidential deletion of important user information
    We have removed the option to permanently delete users from Forecast. The deletion of users is causing a lot of errors because also time registrations, allocations and assignments are deleted together with the user. This affects not only the time reports but also the utilization reporting and the financial monitoring it is now only possible to deactivate users on your account.
  • Use the AI to assign team members
    As our AI functions are continuously improved we now have released a new feature that suggests you the right assignee on a task. You can now quicker add yourself to a task and you will also find AI suggestions for your assignees on already assigned tasks.
    Please note that the Forecast AI first needs to have sufficient data on your account to be able to come up with useful suggestions.
  • Performance, Performance, Performance 
    Forecast is also continuously improving on the performance. The latest update was released to the Scoping page and you should now be able to see shorter loading times in the Scoping page of your larger projects.
  • Sync Tempo Timelogs from Jira Epics to Forecast 
    As you are now able to sync your Jira epics to Forecast projects (see Release Notes from November 2020), you can also get your time registrations on issues in these epics synced to Forecast.
  • New stuff on Xero
    Your Xero invoices now also have a link to Frecast so you can jump from your Xero invoice to your Forecast invoice with just one click
    You can also now log into Forecast using your Xero credentials, if your have the Xero integration enabled in your account.
  • The Azure DevOps integration now supports the CMMI process