Release Notes- What's Fixed

 Release Notes our way of denoting what's fixed. Always stay up-to-date with improvements to the Forecast platform. 

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The Month of August 2019

August 7th

  • Overall performance optimization
    Easy, fast, and with as little hassle as possible is a goal we want you to achieve. Part of doing so have been to update the overall performance and adding features to your user experience of Forecast.

    When updating Scoping, Workflow, and every part of the platform, we've strived to help you create projects faster, easier, and better.

    To cater for your wish to be in control we've added a small toast at the left corner of the screen. You'll see it every time you've successfully create a Task.
  • Inherited dates
    Tasks that inherit dates will have a small star next to the dates to illustrate that it's inherited. If you want to see where it's from, you can click on it and see a specification, while of course also and easily change them.
  • Scoping 
    Follow your project carefully by enabling Time Entries, so you know how the Task is progressing, the number of hours spent on it and if scope creep is near.
  • Timesheet

    Based on time registrations, scoped projects & the progression, you can monitor the project. Though many of us understand the reasoning behind registring time, very few like it. Partly because it is merely too time-consuming.

    We can't fix the feeling, but we sure can help you get the registrations done faster. Therefore the default Time page will be seen in weeks. Saving you clicks you'll also experience that the log time modal when used on a day view, the hour input of the added row will be focused.

  • In-app Notifications
    In-app notifications have been met with great feedback, but unfortunately also some bugs. The bugs are crashed, so you only get the notifications that are important for you. Just enough to help you stay on top of your tasks & projects.

The Month of May 2019

May 23rd

  • We improved the drag and drop experience on the Workflow. So now it’s not a sight for sore eyes anymore.
  • Speed is the key! Key to success? Maybe! But either way, we tinkered around the platform a bit and did some performance improvements on Sprint on Connected Projects.

May 14th

  • When you duplicate a project, the options were locked so you couldn’t untick the individual options. Now you can actually set your settings when you duplicate a project.
  • We like to make things look nice, and the Dependencies were not looking nice, but now they are. We've updated the visuals to the Dependencies indicator when you drag it into a column on Workflow.

May 9th

  • Numbers aren't difficult unless there's a bug that can't do math. Months, in the Time page, were always off by 1 (in Danish platform). Thanks to a math-teaching bug, that's fixed.

The Month of April 2019

April 25th

  • We fixed some dependency bugs that were dependent on the Workflow. You could do some funky stuff where you could bulk edit tasks with dependencies or column updates which would break the dependencies that had a different status, but that’s fixed. You can still bulk edit, but if the task has a dependency, it will tell you why it doesn’t work.
  • Firefox was on fire with bugs. It was having some performance issues and user experience improvements, but that’s been changed.
  • Efficiency is well, time-related, so we wanted to make it easier for you to find your tasks in the timesheet. On any column, you can have an auto show option for the task to show up on the time page. Now, the default is that any new “In progress” column.

April 10th

General sprucing of the platform, let’s call it Spring cleaning.

Some emails notified you of “Cards” being updated. If you didn’t know what that meant, it was our old term for Tasks. We now changed that to say Tasks.

Speaking of notifications, we have more alerts coming your way! When you’re assigned to a task, you now get a notification. To enable it, go to your Profile, under “Notifications.”

We squashed some bugs on the new Time page that were crawling around the week and month view. Now the load time should be more responsive to your updates.

If your permissions level is not Admin, you might’ve been pretty dependent on them to see your dependencies. Now every permissions level can see dependencies.

April 4th

  • We have a bug fix in reported time in all categories! We squashed the bug that was messing with the CSV Export. It now includes the client name.

The Month of March 2019

March 21st

  • You can now put a Rate Card at more than 10 million, and it doesn’t break. So you can bill your client through the roof!
  • If you opened a task while being on schedule, and you unassigned a person from it who is not a part of the project team, the application could crash. A specific fix, but the crash doesn’t happen anymore!
  • Price and profit had an issue with Safari, and now that works for all browsers, including Safari!
  • Fixed an issue where non-project time allocations would not show up in people scheduling on people who were not assigned to any projects, confusing we know. Now that’s fixed!

The Month of February 2019

February 27th

  • Quickbooks is out and already improved. Once you have synced your invoices to QB online, the time registrations are locked in Forecast, that way no one can "sneak in" time later on.
  • There was something funny happening to Invite a Client User page. By something funny, we mean weird; so that's not happening anymore.

February 21st

  • We’re stepping up our game with reporting, and our Insights are getting a useful face life.  Portfolio Insights with people have better filtering options. Now you can filter by Person, Team, Role, and Skills. Insights that are updated include Utilization bar chart, Weekly time, Monthly utilization, Utilization list, People list, Price and profit, Reported time.
  • We’ve fixed something we should have already, and we’re sorry to have added the confusion. So, if you edit your insights, you can select to include deactivated people so their registrations will be visible in the Insights.
  • Working with Template projects and missing your Dependencies? Well, we’ve got you covered! We sprinkled a little magic to Duplicating a project, so if you choose to duplicate the tasks on the project, the dependencies will be there too.
  • Portfolio Insight, Utilization list is actually working… well better. The billability was not taking into account time registrations on a project level. We take this very seriously, so we’ve Obliviated the inaccuracy. Now billability percentage is accurate. (Remember to have your Harry Potter wand at the ready). 
  • Let’s say your Sprint name was really long, let’s say longer than 191 characters. Well, the app would crash. It no longer does that.
  • The holiday calendar buttons have changed, so the names now make sense, like “Add another calendar.” Yaknow, muggle logic.   
  • In the Overview, the Project status description and color selector were not friends. Basically, every color you selected would erase the description, but that doesn’t happen now.

February 14th

  • We have lot's of fixes this week; we had an eagle out searching for all the critters in the system.
  • We fixed an issue where the "View work for" drop-down in the upcoming page was always sorted alphabetically so "All People" option was not always on top. It was so alphabetical that someone named “Adam” would be above “All People.” The option will now always be on top, and the rest of the people will remain sorted alphabetically. 
  • Changing the color of your project in a Halted or Done project would pretty much break the system. You still cannot change the color due to it being Halted/Done, but the application no longer breaks when you try. Cool tip: if you want to switch the color to let’s say Pink, change the project stage first. 
  • If you used the + button to create a new Connected Project while currently being on the Project Overview page of one of the projects you select, the application broke. It no longer does that. That was a particularly annoying bug, so if you click Add Now, now, it works! 
  • Project Sprints page was showing Capacity for Task Allocation projects. This does not make sense and was always showing 0. We’re trying to be more logical now so, and Capacity is now only visible for project allocation projects.
  • We have a theme this week, with the application crashing under particular circumstances. For example, with time tracking, if you input a number that is not a multiple of 0.05 into your working hours. Now the number will be rounded to the nearest 0.05, and the application will no longer crash. 
  • People list on both Portfolio and Project Insights are fixed - the remaining calculation is accurately calculated now.
  • This next one wasn’t really breaking anything, but you just had a drop-down with zero options, weird, we know. So what happened was, when you were adding a client user to a client which is not assigned to any projects, the drop-down for selection of projects you want the client user to have access to was there even if the client was not assigned to any projects which resulted in the drop-down being empty and confusing. Now the drop-down will not be there if the client is not assigned to any projects. 
  • On the Upcoming Page, the results were not always correct, (as in they were only correct if you were really lucky), when you selected a team in the "View work for" menu. The results will now be accurate.
  • Fixed an issue on the My Profile page where if you tried to change the working hours while having English (US) selected as your language setting, the hours would shift one day forward every time you tried to make a change. You can change those hours without the jump, to the wrong day.

February 7th

  • If there is only one project left in the connected project (which obviously means it’s not a connected project anymore) and it's deleted, then the system would crash. That crash will not happen anymore. The connect project still disappears as it should.
  • Sometimes when typing in a rich text field (i.e., task description), the system would freak out and crash. That is also fixed, no more rich text freakouts on our watch.
  • When you duplicate a project and choose to duplicate the project's settings, it will also copy the allocation type that the project has. Before it automatically set to task allocations, but now it inherits the duplicate, as it should.
  • Holiday calendars are changing, mostly in the way they are reflected in Scheduling, so it’s easier for you to plan your team members’ time. If you have a project allocation or non-project time allocation that spans across a holiday, the holiday time is taken into consideration, meaning that the allocation hours on that day will be ignored.
  • As for the heatmap in Scheduling, holidays reduce the person’s availability by the number of hours for that holiday. For example, one day is not included in the available hours. So, it sets the person’s availability to zero on that day. Basically, it makes more sense when you look at the heatmap now, as it’s a holiday, woohoo!
  • Portfolio insights update! Utilization bar chart looked, well, unpleasing with a lot of people, but now the chart is situated vertically, so it should help. This allows for a more visible data set. Monthly utilization graph and Utilization list calculations are updated and reflect what you see in scheduling. Jazzy. 

The Month of January 2019

January 31st

  • A bug might have been cramping your non-project time. If you had an allocation to non-project time, you couldn’t delete the time. Now there is a warning before you delete the time if you were also allocated.
  • Faster is better, especially when it comes to loading time. Insight components load a lot better or at least it’s a bit faster for individual components.
  • Xero integration is updated for a “smooth as butter” experience. In the app settings in Forecast, you can see which the Xero organization you have linked. Also, newly created invoices have a “Go to Forecast” invoice button, so the two-way sync is a bit more obvious now.

January 24th

  • The Calendar integration is updated, so if there was a minor annoyance with meetings creating in separate calendars, but that’s fixed now. Besides the minor bug fixes and the overall polish to this integration, more logistical updates include: If a task/project has started, the meeting is prefilled to begin in the next full hour. If a task/project has not started, the meeting is prefilled to start on the starting date at 8 AM.

January 9th

  • Export to CSV is improved in Insights. Before numbers would have a value attached, but now you can export the lists as raw numbers. So now Excel won't freak out, because it can read all your numbers correctly.
    We've improved the load speed of insight components. Basically, we're saving you a noticeable fraction of time- back to your busy day.