Release Notes- What's New

Release Notes- our way of denoting breaking news. Always stay up-to-date with intriguing changes to the Forecast platform.

Curious about old releases? Check in out here.

The Month of April 2019

April 4th

  • We have a big launch this week! Time page is updated, and we cannot wait to tell you about it. We have a slick new User Interface (UI), which comes with a few new bells and whistles. We are introducing “Suggestions” which is our fancy AI making your work more straightforward to do. You can now log time on the Month view and holidays are grey, so you know when not to work. Now you can copy and paste to your heart’s desire! On a Week view, you can right-click on a day and add the same time entries to the next day. Pretty nifty if you ask us.
    On Workflow you can “Encourage time entries,” which means you will be prompted to log time on tasks moved to another column, for example, from In progress → Done.
    Also, did we mention the UI looks slicker? Oh, yea we did!
    Find out more about the new way to add your time.
  • When you duplicate a project, you can now duplicate expenses too. When you duplicate a project, you can now duplicate expenses too. When you duplicate a project…
  • Labels are more selective! After many requests, we’ve now made it possible for Admins to have full control of labeling. That means that new labels are created in the Admin portal under “Labels.” All users still have access to the great functionalities of using Labels, but now it’s more concise.

The Month of March 2019

March 21st

  • Project Overview has a UI-facelift! For project allocation projects it basically looks like before, but just better. 

The Month of February 2019

February 27th

  • Money Money Money Money! Now you can select multiple currencies for your projects and Rate cards. Check it out in your admin settings.

February 21st

  • We love accounting systems here at Forecast, so we’re launching our Quickbooks Online integration and are updating our E-conomics integration. Invoicing is made easier, (something you didn’t see coming). Be audit you can be! Find out how to set up the integrations

February 7th

  • Who is working on what? Now our motto is being improved! If you assign a person to a task with no role, the task's role will be set to the role of an assigned person. Example: A designer in a project is just added to a task, so it means that the task will inherit the role. If a client creates a task, all project contacts will be automatically assigned to the task.

The Month of January 2019

January 31st

  • Parlez-vous français? Oui! Or we do!! Our platform is now fully supported in French. That also means that we now provide customer support and onboarding in French.
  • Insight update on the Portfolio Task List you can filter by status column, on all projects. If for example, you make a status column called “ready for release” then you can always see what is ready for release, naturally.

January 24th

  • Price and Profit Insight is the talk of the town, or around the office at Forecast. Price and Profit Insight now includes Connected Projects. If you  want to view this insight, just group by "Projects." 

January 9th

  • A new year means new Forecast, well not entirely. We’re at a steady pace with rolling out the new UI, and this week we’ve launched the new Overview page. The main changes are for projects that use Task Allocations. The Overview page shows you: Project Details, a Task Allocation Graph, your current Sprint, your Task Overview (i.e., the Estimates vs. Time registered on a graph), as well as the Task Status Columns. Now you’ll have a better Overview, literally. Note: If you use Project Allocations the Overview page remains the same.
  • Time is on our minds, and we’re saving you some with an update to the calendar integration. Integrate with your Google, Outlook or Apple Calendar, and now book meetings directly from a task, or book team meetings with everyone on the project. If you’re on the calendar view, you can now quickly add time registrations.