Release Notes- What's New

Release Notes - our way of denoting breaking news. Always stay up-to-date with intriguing changes to the Forecast platform.

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Month of August 2019

August 14th 

  • Tailor your Schedule workspace
    Get a faster overview of your people by determining how you want the Heatmap presented. By clicking on the three-dot menu, you can swiftly see project grouping and choose whether or not you wish to see it based on Tasks or Allocations. Al in one, enabling you with a quicker break down of what your team is allocated to and working on.
  • Internal Time & Time off
    Moving from Non-project Time to a more set way of showcasing what your team members are working on. Non-project Time will be divided into two: Internal Time & Time Off.

    Internal Time: Works mostly like the previous Non-project Time, i.e., training, meetings, etc., and is reflected based on the hours you've allocated your team member.
    Time Off: Could be Vacation, Sick leave, parental leave, etc.. No matter what you choose to call it, it will be subtracted from the time your team member is available and shown as a greyed out area in Schedule.
    Both Internal Time & Time Off will be reflected at the platform and easily monitored, e.g., in Schedule, so you are sure never to over-allocate your team members.

    We recommend Admins to look at the pre-defined settings and define what Internal Time & Time Off is at your company.

    If you want to read more about the different way the allocations are calculated in Schedule, you can read it here. 

Soon to be released

  • Optimizing your search
    Quickly find what you are looking for with the new Global Search by searching across the entire platform. The optimized Filters enables you with the possibility of having the view you prefer on each page. Easily save the Filters, see the recent tasks you've been working on, labels, and much more.
  • Resource Management for Jira
    Benefit from being able to monitor the progress of your Jira projects by synchronizing it with your Forecast project.
    With the two-way synchronization, you can plan your projects and resources in Forecast and share it with the team working in Jira. Empowering you with an easy way to monitor the progress of the project and planning your capacity, happy employees, and utilized team members. But best of all, easier and better collaboration between departments.

    Month of June 2019

    June 28th 

    • In-app Notification Center: Part of making your day more efficient is to always be up-to-date with the latest updates on projects and tasks. Previously you’ve been receiving emails, but with the new Notification center, you can choose how you want to be notified. From your profile enable if you want to receive in-app notifications and/or emails.

    June 26th 

    • Task Followers: Not too long ago we introduced Task Owners, so you can have someone always on top of the progression of a task. Now we introduce Task Followers, as opposed to a Task Owner, followers are behind the scene and is an ideal option for those that want to stay notified of the progression of the task, but are not responsible for developing work on it. 
    • Internal Cost Period: Do you need to update the salary of an employee? With the new Internal Cost Period, you are able to change the cost of the employee without affecting existing or past time registrations, reports or projects.
    • People Page: The new People page will allow Admins to get a better overview of active, virtual or deactivated people. Not only will this page look better, but you also be more efficiently able to create/edit Roles, Permissions, Internal Costs & Working Hours of each team member. 
    • Team page: Now located in a separate page you’ll get a quick overview of the teams you've created, easily edit them or create more teams.

    • My Task Activities: The feature many of you have been asking for is here!

      From this new section, you will be able to track your activity on every single task. Not only is it an improved way to keep track of your day-to-day, but it will also help you remember what to Log Time for!

      The feature many of you have been wanting. Now it is here. At My Task Activity page, you will be able to see your activity in every single task. It will provide you with a better overview, but it will also help register time easier. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. 

    June 6th 

    • Are you ever just clicking random buttons just to see what happens? Hmm well, If you are ever unclear what Forecast buttons mean in the platform, don't fret. We've added more hover tooltips to the app.

    • Looking forward to upcoming holidays can fill your mind with well, not work stuff. Well if you forgot to track time on holidays, now you are warned if you didn’t register enough time.

      The Month of May 2019 

      May 31st

      • We love getting feedback from our users, so we’re excited to announce a few new functionalities that are coming straight from you!

      • Sometimes you’re working on a task and exit out of it before checking all the details. Thinking to yourself, “what was the exact title, or was it moved to In Progress, or even what was task ID.” Well, you won’t have to wonder anymore. We have added a new Filter called Recent Activity on Workflow and Scoping pages. Now you can filter by Today, Within a week, or Within a month, so you don’t have to go hunting for tasks anymore.

      • Customize your workflow even more! In the detail eye picker (the eye icon), you can choose to show dates and labels on each task. Plus, now if you hover over the label, it will show you the name of the label #prettycool. Yet again, another piece of brilliant feedback.

      • Client users can only see tasks which are either assigned to. But now they can be an Owner of a task too. Hurrah! Now your Workflow and client collaboration will benefit more from this addition.

      May 23rd

      • 100 unopened emails in your inbox? Sound familiar? If so, you will like the new update to our email notifications. Now the subject line contains the information needed to know what actions to take. Basically, you don't even have to open them to know what it's about.

      May 14th

      • The new Task modal is out! It is new, improved, and looks super sleek and shiny. The new Task modal gives you a better overview of the task. If you want more information on how to use the modal, check out this help article.
      • Critical path, you say? For those of you who like planning from a high to a low level, i.e., every project manager, we've got a tasty treat for you. Now you can see Dependencies on the Schedule and visualize the full dependency chain.
      • Creating a new project just got faster, especially if you're filling out your client name, if not, then this is cool but doesn't really make the process that much faster. Now you can create a client if you don't see someone on the list by just clicking Add New Client directly in the modal.
      • We've updated pricing, so now we have a new subscription page, paired with the new UI. You can more easily add or remove seats from your subscription. Admins can check it out under "Subscription."

      May 9th

      • Everything is connected, especially in a connected project! Now team members can have the option to be set as a contact person on an individual project or the whole connected project.
      • We have a super user function coming your way. Workflow is fixed for multi-selecting tasks. Just right click and then you can bulk edit the tasks. It's the easy access to bulk updating.

      The Month of April 2019

      April 25th

      • Our insights are giving you more information than before. Now the Time Report insight can be grouped by Milestone.
      • You’ve been assigned to a task? Did you know? Now you will be notified if you’re assigned to a task. Enable them in your notification page.
      • Hint hint: Scheduling updates with new amazing UI and functionalities, like dependencies, are coming your way soon!

      April 4th

      • We have a big launch this week! Time page is updated, and we cannot wait to tell you about it. We have a slick new User Interface (UI), which comes with a few new bells and whistles. We are introducing “Suggestions” which is our fancy AI making your work more straightforward to do. You can now log time on the Month view and holidays are grey, so you know when not to work. Now you can copy and paste to your heart’s desire! On a Week view, you can right-click on a day and add the same time entries to the next day. Pretty nifty if you ask us.
        On Workflow you can “Encourage time entries,” which means you will be prompted to log time on tasks moved to another column, for example, from In progress → Done.
        Also, did we mention the UI looks slicker? Oh, yea we did!
        Find out more about the new way to add your time.
      • When you duplicate a project, you can now duplicate expenses too. When you duplicate a project, you can now duplicate expenses too. When you duplicate a project…
      • Labels are more selective! After many requests, we’ve now made it possible for Admins to have full control of labeling. That means that new labels are created in the Admin portal under “Labels.” All users still have access to the great functionalities of using Labels, but now it’s more concise.


      The Month of March 2019

      March 21st

      • Project Overview has a UI-facelift! For project allocation projects it basically looks like before, but just better. 


      The Month of February 2019

      February 27th

      • Money Money Money Money! Now you can select multiple currencies for your projects and Rate cards. Check it out in your admin settings.

      February 21st

      • We love accounting systems here at Forecast, so we’re launching our QuickBooks Online integration and are updating our e-conomics integration. Invoicing is made easier, (something you didn’t see coming). Be audit you can be! Find out how to set up the integrations

      February 7th

      • Who is working on what? Now our motto is being improved! If you assign a person to a task with no role, the task's role will be set to the role of an assigned person. Example: A designer in a project is just added to a task, so it means that the task will inherit the role. If a client creates a task, all project contacts will be automatically assigned to the task.

      The Month of January 2019

      January 31st

      • Parlez-vous français? Oui! Or we do!! Our platform is now fully supported in French. That also means that we now provide customer support and onboarding in French.
      • Insight update on the Portfolio Task List you can filter by status column, on all projects. If for example, you make a status column called “ready for release” then you can always see what is ready for release, naturally.

      January 24th

      • Price and Profit Insight is the talk of the town, or around the office at Forecast. Price and Profit Insight now includes Connected Projects. If you  want to view this insight, just group by "Projects." 

      January 9th

      • A new year means new Forecast, well not entirely. We’re at a steady pace with rolling out the new UI, and this week we’ve launched the new Overview page. The main changes are for projects that use Task Allocations. The Overview page shows you: Project Details, a Task Allocation Graph, your current Sprint, your Task Overview (i.e., the Estimates vs. Time registered on a graph), as well as the Task Status Columns. Now you’ll have a better Overview, literally. Note: If you use Project Allocations the Overview page remains the same.
      • Time is on our minds, and we’re saving you some with an update to the calendar integration. Integrate with your Google, Outlook or Apple Calendar, and now book meetings directly from a task, or book team meetings with everyone on the project. If you’re on the calendar view, you can now quickly add time registrations.