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Schedule Projects: Filter Walkthrough

In this article we will be showing you how to navigate and better use the filter in the view on Forecast's Schedule feature.

Time to read: 3 minutes

Main takeaways

  • Learn how to use the advanced filter (Projects, Tasks) on the Schedule Projects
  • Learn how to save your filter

Step 1: Click on the filter icon in the top right corner of the page

Step 2: The filter will slide out at the right side of your screen.



Step 3: Select the property that you want to filter on, open the corresponding drop-down menu and choose the characteristic that you want to filter for.

You can repeat this and filter for more than one property at the same time.

The advanced filter has 2 advanced filters:

  • Projects
  • Tasks

On the schedule people it is by default set to Projects. However, you can change it.  There are some advanced filters, if you expand the arrow, where you can also search or filter in the Schedule Project on Projects and Tasks.  



Every time you choose to filter on one of these, it will affect the number of projects you can see on the left hand side depending on the filter you applied.


1: Project

2: Budget Type: Time & Materials, Retainer, Fixed price, Non-billable 

3: Client: Select the client of your choice

4: People: Choose the team member you want to see

5: Project stage: Planning, Running, Halted, Done

6: Project status: Red, Yellow, Green

7: Label: Filter on projects that has a specific label/ skilled assigned to them



Every time you choose to filter on one of these, it will affect the number of tasks for every projects you can see on the left hand side under the Project and Milestone, and inside the schedule on the right side, depending on the filter you applied.



1: Client Users: Assigned Client user, Follower Client user, Owner Client user

2: Follower: Task followers are those who can potentially collaborate on a task, but mainly would just like to keep up to date on any updates to said task. Followers receive notifications on task updates and comments.

3: Label: Filter on tasks that has a specific label/ skilled assigned to them

4: Marked as: Blocked, Bug, High priority, Starred, Non billable, Critical, Warning

5: Owner: Task owner is the person responsible for overseeing the task through to completion. Sometimes these task owners can be the manager of the project and they assign tasks toassignees (designers, developers, etc.) to execute the work. 

6: People: Choose the team member you want to see 

7: Recent Activity: Today, Past 7 days, Last month

8: Role: Select a role

9: Workflow: To Do, In Progress, Done



Step 1: After you applied the filter as described above you can save the applied filter with the green save button.

by projects

Step 2: Type in a name for your filter and press enter to save the name. You saved filter appears on top of the filter slide out.


Step 3: You can rename or delete the saved filter by clicking on the three dots next to the filter name. If you have more than 3 saved filters you can also mark you favorite filters to be shown in the easy access option.


Step 4: To quickly access your saved filters you don't have to open the filter slide out, you can find your saved filters by clicking on the arrow next to the filter button.


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