Scheduling: Terminologies

Learn the ins and outs of the Scheduling feature terminologies to get you organizing your resources in no time

Terminologies & Settings


Cards are now referred to as “Tasks”.


There are now two types of allocations; one is Task Allocation and the other is Project Allocations

Task Allocation

An allocation is essentially made up of the tasks you assigned to your team; hence when you add on tasks, the allocation bar will be prompted, this identifies that your team has an allocated slot to work on. Which will then be represented in the heatmap.

You can select to work on Task or Project Allocations by:

  1. Clicking on a specific project or When creating a new project
  2. Selecting the project settings
  3. Scrolling down to ‘Allocations’ and deselecting: ‘Use Project Allocations’

Now you can focus on creating and assigning specific tasks to each one of you team members, and as you do, Forecast then automatically creates an allocation bar.

Project Allocation

What about those types of projects where you don’t know what tasks (in advance) you’ll be working on, but you do however want to book a team member for lets say 100 hours to work on the project over the next 3 weeks? In this case you’d want to work in Project Allocation instead of Task allocation.

With project allocation you book people’s time for projects and this will then affect their heat map. You can either book them on a percentage basis or on a total amount of hours, it's completely up to you. When working with Project Allocation you can add on tasks to a project, and assign your people to that project, however the task bars associated to this project will not affect the allocation bar in any way when working in project allocations. You must manage the allocations manually if you wish to see any changes in the heatmap.

Accordingly when time is tracked on a task, the project completion bar will reflect that progress by filling up accordingly.

From our experience, working in project allocations is very beneficial when running agile.

Got it! Take me to the step-by-step guide.

Classic Scheduling

If you would like to continue working on the Classic Scheduling, please click here. Or you can just go to your profile and do the following:

1. Click on My profile

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2. Click on Go back to Old Scheduling

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If you'd like to get a step-by-step guide on the Classic Schedule, please click here.