Selecting multiple currencies

Now you can select multiple currencies for your projects and Rate cards.

Why would you need multiple currencies for a project or Rate card? One reason could be that you have customers in different countries that require them to charge in their local currency. Another may be that your company has offices in different countries, and your project work for those customers is charged in the local currency. In any case, working in different currencies can be a bit tricky. In this article you can find out how to set it up.

To set up:

You have a selected default currency in your Profile Details, but now you can add an exchange rate and with rate cards with different currencies.


1. Go to your admin settings and select Currencies. There you can create an exchange rate for those currencies. The exchange rates are fixed, so you cannot delete the currency once you have it on a project.


2. Go to Rate cards


Create a new Rate card, or use the default rate. Any selected rate cards will use the default currency exchange rate, unless you create your own.

3. Select your Rate card


Once a Rate card is selected for a project, the currency cannot be changed.

Please note: if a currency is used by a Rate card, it cannot be deleted.

In your Rate cards Insights, the total will sum up to the base currency, and the other projects will be exchanged.

If you have any further questions feel free to write the success team in the chat!