Navigating: Schedule

Navigate through the Schedule and quickly get an overview of your team members capacity or project progress

Navigating the Schedule

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Starting from the left:

  1. People or Projects: (only for Admins, Controllers and Managers) click on to people to view your team members heatmap, or click on Projects to view the progress of your projects.
  2. Eye Icon: click to activate the the Detailed Information on Hover (in Project view), and also activate from People View the Total Resource Utilization, and Project Grouping. Dependencies Button: Click to either drag single task with dependencies or chain drag.
  3. Expand All: Click on this button to unfold and view all work for your team (in people view) or to unfold project milestones and tasks (in project view).
    Today Buttons: click to easily sift through the timeline.
  4. Zoom Button: click to adjust your view, whether it be more granular or more holistic.
  5. Filter: Filter by Project, Project Stage, Project Status, Team, Team member, Labels, Client or Role.
  6. Search: Easily Search for projects, tasks or team members, label or other identifiers. - 2019-06-12T075751.045


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