Navigating: Time

Navigate through the Time page and easily view or log time on all of the tasks or projects you've worked on.

Navigating the Time Page

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Starting from the left:

  1. Day, Week or Month View: Select between your preferred view to report time either on a day by day basis or in bulk from the week or month view.
  2. View Work For: (only for Admins, Controllers and Managers) click on the view work for dropdown to view time reported on work for teams.
  3. Eye Icon: which allows you to add more columns, thereby viewing more information such as milestones, clients, remaining, etc.
  4. Date Selector: easily pick dates and report time for tasks within a given period. Also, click on the Today button or on the arrows to quickly sift through dates.
  5. Search: You can also search for specific tasks or projects.
  6. Log Time Button: Tasks that have not been set to In Progress will not show up in the time page, so click on the Log Time button to add time to a task or project.


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