Plans, Billing, and Forecast for non-profits

We want to keep it fair and simple. That's why we only bill you for what you use, when you use it. Follow this guide to learn more about how exactly billing works at Forecast.


We have three plans designed to match every need and size of organization.


Free is designed to match the smallest organizations. Organizations that do not yet need a fully fledged solution, but rather just need a simple setup to manage a few projects. You can plan and run projects, track time, and view some basic insights about your performance. You can even connect Forecast to a growing catalog of integrations with third-party apps and services. You can always upgrade later if you happen to outgrow your limits.


Professional is our most popular plan. This plan gives you a significant bump in matter of features and flexibility. It is designed to match most organizations, from small to large, and beyond. You can store and run an unlimited number of projects, you have scheduling built-in, the ability to track and manage your budgets, and a more extensive selection of insights components to use in your custom reports. And, of course the Professional plan does also give you access to the growing catalog of native-supported integrations with other apps and services. This means that you can take full advantage of the interconnected Forecast platform without having to worry about reaching your limit, 'cause there is none.


The Enterprise plan is mainly for larger organizations with an specific need in terms of data, functionality or service. Since the Professional is already aimed at being the best, the Enterprise plan is the 'above and beyond.' This is the plan you need if you would like extra support for your particular use case. You get access to special features like Single Sign-On (SSO), advanced insights, premium apps, and an Uptime SLA to ensure a close to 110% uptime. Additionally, our Launch Success Program ensures that both you and your team are 100% ready to roll with Forecast.


We believe in simple and fair billing. That's why we only bill you for users that are actually able to sign-in to Forecast. Any Virtual users, you might have created in your Forecast account, will not be billed. Also, you're only billed for the exact time an individual user has been able to sign-in. This means that you could theoretically add a Collaborator today, remove the same Collaborator tomorrow, and you would only be billed for 1 day. The remaining time of the billed period will be added to your account as credits to use on a later date.

Upgrading or Downgrading

It's always possible to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan with Forecast. Changes made to your plan will take effect immediately in terms of upgrading, and at the end of your billing cycle in terms of downgrading.

Updating your Billing Information

Everything related to billing is found in your Admin Settings under Subscription.

Forecast for Non-Profits

We like good stuff. In fact, "Good stuff!" is yelled across the office on a daily basis. That's why we provide free subscriptions to both non-profit organizations and educational institutions doing good stuff. To learn more, contact us, and hear if your organization is eligible for a subscription on the house.