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Manage Subscription

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription

Managing your subscription is made easy directly from within your Forecast account. Upgrade, downgrade, cancel or simply review your plan and billing information from one single view.

Step 1: Access the Admin panel and select subscription

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Step 2: Manage your subscription.

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1. View the type of plan you have and when your next payment is due, the amount and the billing period. From top right hand side of this section you can also opt to upgrade your plan.

2. View the type of license you have, the total number of seats, the number of unassigned and assigned ones. Note: if you deactivate users or change their permission level to virtual will not affect your subscription plan, unless you manually remove the desired number of seats. 

3. View and edit your billing information.

4. View your billing history.

5. Cancel subscription.