Syncing time from a Harvest project to a Forecast project

Discover how you can sync the time that you have logged in a Harvest project to a Forecast project.

If you are looking to learn how to set up the integration with Harvest, see this article

Main Takeaways: 

Forecast's Harvest integration allows you to sync the time registrations made in a Harvest project over to a Forecast project. This allows you to effortlessly keep track of the connected projects time registration from both platforms. To learn how you can sync Forecast time registrations into Harvest tasks visit our article here.

Connect a Forecast Project to a Harvest Project

In order to sync the time that you have already registered in a Harvest project, you need to connect that project with the desire Forecast project. Below we show you exactly how you can connect the two projects across platforms. If you wish to learn how you can synch your time from a Forecast project into a Harvest project please visit this article.

Step 1:
Choose which project from Forecast you wish to sync with Harvest.

Step 2: Go to Project Settings



Step 3: From the Settings menu choose Integrations. Once there find the Harvest integration, shown below

Step 4: Select the Harvest project you wish to connect to. Optionally you can select which Harvest Tasks you want to exclude from the options when registering time in Forecast. (1)-2Harvest1


Note: Please note that it takes time before the two projects are synced completely!


Where is the Time Reflected in Forecast.


Once the time from your Harvest project has been successfully synced to the Forecast project, you will be able to view that amount of time in the scoping page of your Forecast project and it will be identified in the very top of the project totals as it is indicated below.

2021-08-23 (12)

Notice that any time that you have registered from Harvest will appear in between the project totals and the first phase in the scoping page.


Note: Please keep in mind that this means that all time fetched from Harvest is directly reflected on the Forecast project and not on any specific tasks in Forecast. 


Please bear in mind that we are only fetching time not financial information. In order to set up the appropriate financials in the Forecast project, please read more on rate cards and internal hourly costs from here. 

Without a rate card associated to your project you will not see the appropriate financial information.