Task Hierarchy

Organise and break down your work more granularly with the use of the Task Hierarchy feature. Subtasks will appear in the scoping page and in the task modal.

NMain Takeaways 

With the Task Hierarchy feature real subtasks will be able to be worked on independently. It allows teams who break down their tasks into smaller deliverables the flexibility to assign and estimate these independently of the parent task.

Note: If you wish to learn about old subtasks you can find more information here.


Enabling the Task Hierarchy

Step 1 Once your project is created, head to Project Settings.

Step 2 In Project Settings, click on the Tasks tab.

Step 3 In the Task Hierarchy box you can toggle the feature on.


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Creating Subtasks and nesting tasks in the Scoping page

There are two ways to create subtasks from within the scoping page:

  1. By clicking on the Create a new subtask button which appears next to the task description.
    Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 14.28.54
  2. Subtasks can also be created by nesting existing tasks. To nest a task simply drag and drop your chosen task and place it under the new parent task. If you wish to convert the subtask back into a parent task you can drag and drop it out of the hierarchy. 

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Note: You can create subtasks up to 3 levels including the parent task. All subtasks can be treated as individual tasks, therefore it is possible to add Roles, Assignees and Estimates.


When subtasks are collapsed you can visualise how many belong to the parent task by the number indicated next to the description. To collapse the task simply click on the up arrow to the left of the parent task description. Once collapsed, the information of the subtasks roll up into the parent task such as Roles, Assignees, Estimates, Time Entries, Remaining, Planned and Actual Revenue. 

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Managing subtasks within the Task Modal

It is possible to open a Task Modal for each subtask. As a result they can be treated like any other normal tasks within Forecast. If the subtask is in a hierarchy you can click into the parent task in the top left hand corner of the task modal. When you are in a parent task you can click back into the subtask which is displayed at the bottom of the task modal.


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Task Hierarchy in Project Timeline

You are also able to view task hierarchy from within the projects timeline. Once in the timeline of a project with task hierarchy enabled you will be able to expand any tasks that have subtasks attached to them. Furthermore, you will be able to tell that they are connected by the dotted line that appears surrounding the parent task and child task(s).



Important: The task hierarchy will not appear in Sprints, Workflow, My Work, Reports & Scheduling. All tasks will appear on the same level.


For more information on using Task Hierarchy with Jira please refer to Jira Cloud Integration Set-up