Task Report

Find out how Forecasts Task Report can help you get a comprehensive portfolio report on all of your tasks.

Main Takeaways


Task Report and how to generate it

Forecasts Task Report allows you to get a comprehensive, portfolio look into the tasks that you and your team have finished or are in the process of completing. The report itself, as all Forecast reports, can be found in the Reports tab under your company portfolio.



Notice that you immediately get a list of all tasks that are currently listed in your Forecast account. To better sort through them we have added some functions to this report. 



As every other report in Forecast this one too gives you the ability to do numerous things with it in order to generate the report that best meets your needs. Below we go over these functions.


1) Report title: From here you can edit the name of the report and rename it at will. Always remember to save if you do so so that the change remains.

2) Date range: Here you are able to set the date range of the tasks that you are looking for. The date range determines which tasks meet these dates for their start and/or end date.

Only tasks that are fully included in the date range will be shown. Meaning that the task start date and end date should be in the selected date range otherwise it will not be included. Notice that all time registrations for the task will be included even if the time registrations were made outside of the selected date range.

3) Save report & History: Whenever you make changes to the report you will need to save it again for these changes to remain. Next to the save button you can also view a brief history as to when was the report last edited.

4) Grouping: Perhaps the most important function of the report as it can help you sort through your tasks. Grouping is there to sort your tasks based on numerous settings such as project, phase, client and role. By default the report is set to No Grouping.

5) Export as CSV: As with most of our reports you are able to export this one too as a CSV and potentially view it with a different tool.

Please note: Not all information is transferred over to the CSV file. Some will be missing.

6) Show/hide icon: The show/hide icon, as everywhere else in Forecast, is there for you to add (or hide) information that you want your report to contain once you generate it. The list is extensive and contains such information as actual revenue, client, phases and more. 

7) Filters: The filters are there for you to effortlessly filter through the report and keep the tasks that you are interested in. You are able to only filter by tasks with the options to filter by workflow, team, people and more.