Team Timesheets

Learn how to track your team's time registrations, send reminders to log time and register time for other team members.

Note: Only users with Manager permission level or higher may view someone else's time.


 Time Timesheet Layout
1. View Team Timesheets: Click on Team Timesheets in the submenu of your company's tab. 
2. Navigate Dates: Navigate to the desired week 
3. Filter: Filter on a desired team member, role or entire team. 

View Time Registrations

Expand to View: Expand on a desired team member to view the specific items said team member has registered time on.
View time registration

Remind a Team Member to Register Time

Remind a Team member to register time

Step 1: Navigate to a period (week) in the past

Step 2: Select the person you wish to remind

Step 3: Hover over the Week Total Column

Step 4: Click on the Email Icon

Step 5: Click Send from the Send Reminder popup modal


Registering Time for Other Team Members or Editing their Registrations

To log time for other person or edit their time registrations you will have to go to their personal timesheets. There is a link directing you to their timesheets from their profile tab in the Team Timesheets.


Read more about Timesheets here.


Hint: Enable Time Registration directly from the Workflow Page.