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Time Approval

Learn everything about Forecast's Time Approval feature and how to utilize it best.

Main Takeaways

Note: Please note that this feature is available only for PLUS level customers.

Warning: Time Approval can not be used while integrating with Jira, Harvest or the Timelog third party apps. The reason for this is that Time Approval locks time registrations, which means that the listed integration(s) will  not be able to synchronize changes and new time registrations correctly.


Setting up Time Approval

Setting up Time Approval takes but a few seconds, please follow the steps below. Please note that only Admins have the ability to enable or disable the feature.

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin panel in your Forecast account.


Step 2: Once there, navigate to the Time Management tab. 


Step 3: After you click on Time Management you will be able to view the option for enabling Time Approval. Simply click on the slider to enable the feature. Once you click on the slider you will be prompted to fill in some additional requirements.


Step 3a: IF you haven't assigned a project contact to all of your projects you will be prompted to do so here. 


After this your Time Approval is up and running, below we will show you how you can exactly use it and what you are able to do with it.


Using Time Approval

Now that your company is making use of the feature, your team members are able to submit their time registrations for approval by either an Admin or, but only in the case of project time registrations, by a project contact. In order for you or your team members to submit time registrations via the timesheet follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to "My Timesheets" that can be found under the My Work tab in Forecast.


Step 2: Choose the time registrations from a week that you wish to submit for approval and click on Submit Timesheets.


Step 3: After you click on the submit button, you will get a pop up that asks you until which date do you wish to submit your timesheets. 


Once you click to save, the time registrations you submitted will be locked out, this means that you will be unable to edit, remove or add time to them unless they get rejected from the Admin. Below we will discuss how an Admin or a project contact can approve or reject time registrations that have been submitted.


Time Approval structure and functions

Once your team members submit their time registrations, you will be able to find them under the Time Management tab in the company portfolio.



Before we discuss how you can approve or reject time submissions we would like to familiarize you with the tab itself. Below we will break down the structure and functions of the time management tab.



Warning: The Time Approval button will appear only if you have Time Approval enabled in your Forecast account.


2) DatesThis tool allows you to change which week you are currently seeing in Time Approval and the today button always returns you to the current week.

3) Group, Filter and Show/Hide tool: The group tool allows you to either group by person or by project, the filter allows you to enable different filters to narrow down your search for a specific timesheet and the show/hide icon allows you to choose what information you wish to show.

4) Submitted and Not submitted: Under the submitted tab you will find all of the timesheets that have been submitted for approval by your team members while the not submitted tab will show you which team members are yet to submit their timesheets for approval. This will happen after you reject their initial submission and you can notify them via email to edit, remove or add more hours.

Approving/Rejecting submitted time registrations

 A couple of things to keep in mind here is that you are able to either approve the total amount of hours or the hours registered per project. You are not able to approve hours registered on tasks. In addition, the only two who are able to approve or reject a timesheet submission are an Admin or the project contact.

With this in mind, after your team members have submitted their time sheets for review you are able to either approve or reject them. To do so you need to navigate to the week that the time sheet was submitted and either approve by clicking on the green tick or reject by clicking on the red X.


As we discussed earlier, if you reject a submitted timesheet, then that timesheet will appear in the not submitted tab and will notify your team member automatically that they need to work on their timesheets more while also giving you the ability to notify them again later on by clicking on the mail icon.



Finally, please keep in mind that these procedure is important as it will affect your invoices. Only approved time will appear in invoices! However, Time Approval does not affect a project's budget.