Time Registered Report

Forecast's Time Registered Report gives you all the features and options necessary in order to create a detailed report.

Main Takeaways


Time Registered Report in a nutshell

Forecast's Time Registered Report provides the user with an in depth template for a time registered report. With this template you are able to view all of your team members time registered across a vast date range with additional options to narrow down the search field. The report provides a portfolio level access to all of the projects that you and your team members have been working on. The structure of this report is similar to the Project Portfolio Report. 

To access this new report simply navigate to the Reports tab under your company's portfolio and click on New Report. You will find the Time Registered Report there.


Time Registered Report Overview and Features

Below we will walk you over the structure of the report page and how its features operate. 


1: Report Name. Here you are able to add or edit the name to your report.

2: Date Range. This feature allows you to select the date range that you would like to review in your report. Simply select the starting date to the left and the end date to the right.

3: Save/Update. This function will ensure that whatever changes you have made to the report (either by adding filters or changing the grouping) will be saved and updated. Please keep in mind that this will create a new report and will NOT delete or update the older one. 

4: Grouping. One of the main features of this report, grouping gives you a 2 level grouping option in order to narrow down your search. You are able to group by person, project, task and client. Once you choose your method of grouping the 2nd level will be activated and you can add additional grouping options. Below you can view an example of this.


5: Show/Hide options. This feature gives you the ability to add additional information to your report. In it you will find a variety of options that cover all of the necessary aspects of the report.


These are all of the options available to you via this function. Please keep in mind that Actual Revenue counts the time registered x the rate of the role, whereas, Actual Cost counts the time registered x the internal cost of the person.

Note: Please keep in mind that financial information (Actual Revenue & Actual Cost) are only available to permission levels Admins & Controllers.


6: Filters. The filters give you additional options to narrow down your search further. The options in the filter tab are as listed below.


Finally, keep in mind that all versions of the new time report will also show up in the report list.