Time Registration

Track and report your billable and non-billable time


Tracking and reporting time in Forecast is easy. You can enter your worked hours on the preloaded tasks in your time page or manually add them by clicking on the add time button. The AI also suggests tasks you may want to register time for, or just use the built-in Timer to start tracking time automatically.

You can register time in Forecast directly on:

  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Non-project time

Time can be recorded from:

  • Any page by clicking on the Start Button
  • The Workflow page
  • Directly in the Time Page

Registering Time on Assigned Tasks


Step 1: Click on the Time tab in the Main Menu


Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 1.22.23 PM



Step 2: Click on the Log Time button, located on the right hand side of the Time Page.

                                              Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.52.17 AM


Step 3: A popup modal will appear where you may select from a list of items; either project, non-project, or task to log time for.

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Step 4: After selecting from the list of items the selected task, project, or non-project item will be displayed at the bottom of the popup along with a time field, where you can input your hours.

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Keep in mind: This option is only enabled in the Day view.

When adding time from the Week view, the process is the same, click Log Time and from the popup select from the displayed options. The item selected will be added to your time page, where you will then be able to simply enter the number of hours worked on either a task, project or non-project time. The amount will be automatically added to the total at the bottom of the time page.

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Keep in mind: Tasks you're assigned to and are in progress will be automatically displayed on your time-page.

Registering Time on Projects

Step 1: Click on the Log Time button

Step 2: Select the project, then the task and enter number of hours

ezgif.com-gif-maker (34)

Step 3: Click Log

Keep in Mind: This is the same process to register time on Planning, Running and Non-project time. Also, the Running Projects tab will always be unfolded.

Suggested Tasks

Within the Log Time Entry popup, on the far left hand side you'll notice a field named Suggestions.

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This Suggestion Tab houses all of your tasks, which are collected by the AI and are chosen based on your actions. The purpose of this Suggestion Tab is to make it even easier to add on task that you might have otherwise forgotten you had.

Step 1: Select one of the Suggested Tasks

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Step 2: Add time to that/those Suggested Task, just like you would any other task.

Adjusting The Time Page

Columns: You can adjust the the priority of your columns by clicking directly on ID, Project, Milestone, Task or Time columns. This will prioritize your task in accordance to your preference.

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Step 2: Adjust the Date: Easily select the dates you wish to enter time in, by either clicking on the forward or backwards arrows, directly clicking on the date or by clicking today.

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Step 3: View your time page in Day, Week or Month view by clicking on the Drop down icon next to the search icon.


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Copy/Paste Time Entires Feature

From the Week view quickly add time from one day to the next without having to type your hours on each separate time field.

Step 1: From the Week View, Right Click over a date/day and select Copy time to another day.

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Step 2: A modal will pop up giving you the option of selecting the date where you want to add the time.

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Add or View Notes to your Time Entries

View notes on time entries from the week view

Step 1: Click on the Notes Field and type in your comment.


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Step 2: View your note(s) or that of a team members by selecting the Week View and clicking on the purple notes icon.

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Keep in Mind: Your Notes are visible to you and users with permission level of Manager or higher.

A Calendar View of Your Time Page

By selecting the month view, you will be able to see:

  • Reported Time entries
  • Week numbers (1-52)
  • Total of registered time
  • Alert icon(s) that indicate:
  • No Time Registered - Full work day missing time entries
  • Not Enough Time Registered - Incomplete time entries


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Hint: From the Month View, click on the Week Number (left hand side) to quickly navigate to that week.


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View your Teams Time Entries

Click on the Dropdown icon next to Day, Week and Month selector, and pick a team member to view their time entries.

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Keep in Mind: Only users with Manager permission level or higher may view someone else's time.

Hint: Enable Time Registration directly from the Workflow Page.