User Persona: the Collaborator

In this article, you will discover what it is like to be a collaborator in Forecast. Learn what you can do and find some of the best practices.

Time to read: 4.8 minutes (we measured!)


Main takeaways:

  • View and edit tasks (on the projects you are assigned to)
  • Log time

Make sure to bear in mind:
As a collaborator, you will be able to view and edit only those projects to which you have been assigned. So, depending on how many projects you are a part of the team, your My Projects page might look something like this: 


With this in mind, consider: 


Managing Tasks

Step 1: Get to understand the page and view your tasks


1. A list of all of your tasks

2. See the search options as well as the filters to narrow down your view

3. Adjust your view: choose to see more or less

4. Use the search option as well as the many filters to organise your starred section. Note that the filter(s) you choose can be saved.

Step 2: Star your tasks and plan your day 



Taking part in a project

Step 1: Monitor and take an active part in all projects you are assigned to 


1. Adjust your general view: expand it with information such as labels, remaining, total scope and much more.

2. Choose between toggle list view and toggle grid view (what you see in the image above is the toggle list view)

3. Use the search field to help you with getting to what you need quickly

4. Use the filters to narrow down your view

5. See all the opportunities projects 

6. See all the planning projects 

7. Monitor all the running ones as well

8. See what has been halted. NOTE: you cannot edit any tasks within a halted project. The only thing you can modify there are time registrations 

9. View all the completed projects. NOTE: similarly to your halted projects, the only thing you can modify there are time registrations 



Step 2: Log time 


1. Choose between logging time on a task or...

2. ... a non-project time, internal time, such as holidays or...

3. ... time - off

4. and finally, log your time! Note that you can do so in whatever format you like, whether 4:30, 4.30 or 4.5

5. Enable or disable the AI which will help you out with some handy suggestions. Tip and a note: the more you use the system, the better will the AI get.

Tip: Be sure to check and experiment with all the other settings such as 'starred', 'recent activity', 'planned', and so on!