Benefit from Live Insights

Real-time reports for an instant perspective

Live insights brings you the perspective you need, whenever you need it. They're always ready for you. Each report can be customized with the exact components and design you see fit. The reports are only visible to the permission level of managers and above.

You find your insights in the main menu at the top.

Tip: Share your insight reports with external stakeholders by generating a password-protected link directly from the report.

We have 4 types of insights for you; projects, people, business, and portfolio. All insights are updated in real-time.


Example of an insights report


Create an Insight

First of all, go to the "create / +" in the upper right-hand corner, choose "Insight".

Step 1: Go to the create menu, and select Insight


Step 2: Select the type of insight; projects, people, business, or portfolio


Step 3: Choose the components you want in the report

Tip: If you at any point is unsure of what a component presents, just hover over the information icon in the top right corner of the component.

Step 4: Arrange the components as you see fit


Share an Insight

Step 1: From the report, click the share icon in the top right corner.


Step 2: Click Share


Step 3: Copy the unique link and password, or have Forecast send an email by typing the recipients' email addresses in the text field below.

Edit an Insight

If you want to edit the components or design of the report later; you can do so from the menu at the top right of the report.


Edit the insight, add components, and click Save.


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