Everything about cards

Cards are the tasks in Forecast. These cards can contain a lot of information each, e.g. description, comments, files, subtasks, labels, assigned people, and time reported on the card.

Cards are created during Scoping or directly in the Workflow. The Workflow lets you have a more visual look into what's in the pipeline, the current phase of each card, and what is coming up next. You simply drag the cards around.

The smart thing about cards is that you can have everything related to the task attached directly to it. Files uploaded are always on the card, and the same goes for Google Drive files linked to the card. This means a one-stop location for the newest iterations, resources, and the most up-to-date information about the task.

Example of a Card


Card menu

At the top of the card, you find the card menu, the three dots. The card menu hides a list of more specialized actions to take on the card.

  • Start timer: Lets you start a timer on the card
  • Block: Lets you mark the card as blocked, and holds it from moving forward in the Workflow.
  • Mark as bug: Marks the card as a bug with a tiny visual bug icon added for bug tracking
  • Repeat: Makes the card reoccuring
  • Duplicate: Duplicates the card in the current project
  • Mark as non-billable: Marks the card as non-billable, and time reported on the card will be tracked as non-billable time.
  • Move to another project: Lets you move the card to another project. The card will be removed from the current project.
  • Delete: Deletes the card altogether