Connect your Cards and create Dependencies

Organize your cards and workflows with dependencies and prerequisites.

dependencies card view

First some new terminology:

Dependency: Indicates a relationship of a succeeding task. If the card you have open is dependent then it means that a different card cannot start or be completed before the current card is completed.

Prerequisite: Indicates a relationship of a preceding task. If the card you have open is a prerequisite, then it means that a different card must be completed before the card you have open has started or been completed.

Creating a Dependency and Prerequisite

Create a dependency and prerequisite by opening a card.

Select 'Add Dependency'

Identify if you would like this connection to be a prerequisite or a dependent.

Next select the first card followed by an action. Finally click Add Dependency.

dependencies gif adding a dependency

*Note: in this GIF, the example is of dependency not prerequisite.

There can be multiple dependencies on a card. Additionally, a card can have both a prerequisite and a dependency.

dependencies card view with prerequisite- zoomed in

It is not possible to create a circular dependency. (That is where one card is a prerequisite for another card which has a dependency for the prerequisite card).

Filter by Dependency

Select the filter icon and choose 'filter by indicators.' In the drop down menu select 'Dependencies.' Then you can see all of the cards in your workflow that have a dependent or prerequisite link.

indicator dependency

If you have the card selected as a prerequisite, the filtering is still Dependencies.

Another important indicator is the critical indicator. If your dependencies are not correct, a critical indicator will popup with an accompanying explanation.

indicator hover

Dependencies can be filtered in the Timeline view, but a visual representation of the dependency link will be coming soon.

If you have a GitLab, Jira or VSTS integration, dependencies are not enabled due to the assimilation with the other platforms.

If you want more information about this feature update check Dependencies out on our blog. Or book a demo with our success team.