Everything about Tasks

Tasks are where you describe the specifics of the work that needs to be done. It is also where you determine who from your team will work on the task, and the amount of time needed to complete the task. 

And, each task contains information on which project and the milestone it belongs to, including the tasks' workflow status (In Progress, To-Do, or Done).

Tasks contain many fields such as:

  • Task Title
  • Task Assignees, Owner and/or Followers
  • Estimations
  • Time Entries
  • Start & End Date
  • Role
  • Description
  • Labels
  • Comments
  • Dependencies
  • Subtasks

Tasks can be created in many places, such as in the Scoping, Workflow, Schedule and Project Timeline sections, as well as by clicking on the Global add button.

Task Layout

This is what a sample task looks like.


Task Navigation

At the very top of the task, you'll find the Main Navigation Bar.

task numbered banner

Starting from the left:

  1. The Go To Icon, which takes you to the project where the task is housed.
  2. The Project Dropdown where you can switch the Project the task belongs to.
  3. The Milestone Dropdown where you can switch the Milestone the task belongs to.
  4. The Workflow Dropdown where you can change the status of the task.
  5. Finally, The Hamburger Menu where you can choose from a list of Task Actions or Task Indicators. And, you set meetings, duplicate or delete tasks.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)-1


If you work in Sprints, the Sprints Dropdown will also appear in the Task Modal. Just remember to go into Project Setting and check on Sprints. Once you do this will prompt the Sprint Dropdown.

sprints within a task


Task Banner

Under the navigation bar, you'll find the Task Banner. This is where you specify all of the necessary information that builds up the task. The color of the task banner is determined by the Project Color.

task modal numbered

From the top down:

  1. Set the Task's Name
  2. Assign Team Member(s) to the task
  3. Estimate the Task ( low & high)
  4. Add or View Time entries
  5. View Remaining Time
  6. Set Start Date
  7. Set End Date
  8. Assign Role

options in a task gif


Features and Functionalities

Hamburger Menu

On the top right-hand side corner of the Task Modal, you'll see a three-dot icon that when clicked prompts the Task Modal Menu.

task actions

From the Hamburger Menu you can do any of the following:

1. Task Actions

  • Attach files from your computer
  • Add the Dependencies section
  • Add the Subtask/To-do section (change from project settings section)
  • Show timer
  • Set Task to Repeat
  • Move the Task to another project

2. Task Indicators

  • Mark the task as high priority
  • Block the task
  • Mark the task as a Bug
  • Mark the task as non-billable

3. Meetings

  • Create a meeting for a task via Google calendar
  • Create a meeting for a task via other calendars

4. Duplicate and/or Delete the Task

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