Kanban board for managing your tasks

Workflow is where tasks live. The Workflow is made up of columns. There are three types of columns; to-do, in progress, done. Each column has one of those types assigned, defining the progress of tasks inside the column. You can add as many columns as you'd like by click on the New Column button on the top left hand corner. If you wish to add column names, you can always edit them by clicking directly on the name of the column.

Tasks live in columns, and move from column to column as tasks progress. The progress of a Task is indicated by a red progress bar at the bottom of each task, giving you a visual overview of the progression of work on a given Task, which is fed by the registered time. This way everybody on the team can get an instant glimpse of how the project is evolving and what is next in terms of priority.

Worflow overview


Move columns and tasks

Moving columns and Tasks is super simple; just hover your cursor over the task you wish to move click, drag and drop. To move columns, hover your cursor over the 8 dots-hamburger icon at the top left of the column, and just like tasks, simply drag it where you wish to place it.



Tasks that have dependencies or prerequisites can not be moved to a Done column unless the dependency or prerequisite is first met. A Task with a dependency or prerequisite that is moved will result in the system prompting a warning message.


Task Details

Tasks carry a lot of information, such as: Attachments, Comments, Task ID, etc. This information while helpful at a glance, may be a bit overwhelming as you add on more and more tasks. You now have the option to determine how much of this information you want to see. Just hover your cursor over the Eye Icon on the top right hand corner, click and select which options you want to hide from tasks. You can always unhide these items later on.

detail level eye icon

Adding Tasks

Tasks can be added directly on the workflow for both single or connected projects. This option allows for team members to add on tasks much faster on a project, without having to add all of the details.

add task

Bulk Select, Move and Edit

Multiple Tasks can be selected in two different ways;

1. Click on the Select Button on the top right hand corner and then click on as many tasks as you want.

2. Hold the Shift Button (PC) or on the Command (Mac) on your keyboard and then select the desired tasks. Once selected, these tasks can be dragged over to a new column or edited, by clicking on the Bulk Edit Button on the top right hand corner. To unselect tasks, just click on the Select Button.

multi-select bulk

Enable Time Registry Function

By the Hamburger Icon on the right hand side of any column you will be prompted to enable two functions:

Encourage Time Registration

chrome-capture (16)

Hint: You can enable this function from any desired Column.

Auto show on Time Page

chrome-capture (17)

When enabling the Auto Show Function any task placed in this column, that is assigned to you, will be automatically shown in your Time Page. You can have this option enabled on any/all columns or have it disabled and thereby giving you a cleaner Time Page.