Add Team to Project

Collaborate with colleagues on a project

After adding the team is where the fun begins! Now, you can begin collaborating with your team on the project. Add team members to join you on the project.

Notice: First you need to add your team to your Forecast organization. You can only add people to your project who are also in the organization, either as virtual- or full users. Learn more

Add your team

Step 1: Go to the project

Step 2: Go to Team


Step 3: Use the drop down at the top right to add people to the project


If the person is not yet added to your organization: Use the Invite Someone New button to add new people to the organization directly from within this view.

Step 4: Select whether you also want to schedule the person for the full duration of the project (i.e. project start- and end dates), or for a custom time frame.

forecast_projectteam-schedule person

Step 5: Click Allocate or Not Now