Plan Your First Scope

Create milestones, add cards, prioritize work, and set a deadline

Project scoping is where you plan the project, approve cards, and set up milestones for your projects. A milestone could be, e.g. Version 2.5. It contains a number of cards to implement, it has a start- and end date, and is also where you do time estimations.

Forecast is a bit unique in terms of estimations. We have a low and high estimate, and a forecasted estimate. The low and high estimates are specified by you. Maybe you expect this particular card to take between 25 - 30 hours. Based on our algorithms, we will try to provide you with a more precise estimate, the forecast estimate.

The next thing you'll see is Price. The price is calculated automatically based on the forecasted estimate, and respectively the rate card assigned to the project and the role assigned to the card.

When you're done setting up a milestone, you need to approve it to move the cards to the Workflow. If you selected to work in Sprints / Agile during creation of the project, you have an extra step to go through. Read more about Sprints.

Step 1: Go to your project

Step 2: Go to Scoping


Step 3: Click New Milestone


Step 4: Give the milestone a name, and specify start- and end dates


Step 5: Add cards to the milestone


Step 6: Select the matching role of the cards


Step 7: Set low and high time estimates


Step 8: Approve cards


Step 9: Approve all cards in the milestone



Next Step

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