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Schedule and allocate people to projects from a single view

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Scheduling is the place to plan out, and allocate your people to projects. We have two views, but they're basically doing the same. People, bases the view on people. Projects, bases the view on projects. This makes it possible to flip the schedule as you prefer. Allocate people to projects, or allocate projects to people.

We focus on bringing you the perfect bird's-eye view to give you a better perspective. Our Quick Book feature lets you find available people, with the matching skill set, and book them in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, you can of course always see if any people are over- or under allocated from the People view. Or, from the flipped view, Projects view, see if any of your projects have too many or too few resources allocated. Just click the item and adjust.

Step 1: Go to Scheduling


Step 2: Select the view you prefer, People or Projects


Step 3: Begin scheduling!

Step 4: From the People view, click directly on the timeline to allocate to a person, or use the Quick Book feature at the top to book people based on role. From the Projects view, click on a project or milestone to manage your resources for each project.


Tip: Edit an allocation by clicking the particular bar on the timeline, make the changes you need to make, and click Save. You can also simply drag and drop, move, extend or shorten allocations using your mouse directly in the timeline.

Using Quick Book

Quick Book is the easiest way to find and allocate the right people, where needed, quickly.

Step 1: Click Quick Book


Step 2: Select the role you need, the project you need it for, and the start- and end dates of the allocation.


Step 3: Select the people you need, and click Select Booking.


Step 4: Review the results, and click Book.


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