Report Your Time

Track and report your billable and non-billable time

Tracking and reporting time in Forecast is easy. You can manually enter the number of hours to register, or use the built-in Timer to count and track time automatically.

There are three types of time you can register in Forecast:

  • Card time
  • Project time
  • Non-project time

Card time is the most granular level, and is usually the best option for everyday tracking of tasks.

Project time is when you want to take a step back and just report time on the project level. There can be various reasons why you would want to do that, but you probably have a policy in your business on how to do this best.

When tracking time on a card, the time registration is naturally also a part of the project it belongs to, but if you track time on just a project, the time will not be attached to a card.

Non-project time is everything that is not directly linked to a project or client, but still needs to be tracked in the system. Examples are, meetings, vacation, sickness, holiday, training, parental leave, etc.

Below, we'll go through how you can track all of it.

Registering Time on Assigned Cards

Step 1: Go to the Time tab


Step 2: Select project and card, and enter number of hours


Step 3: Click Add

Cards you're assigned to and are in progress will automatically be visible in your time-sheet. Simply enter the number of hours to your Cards.


Registering Time on Assigned Projects

Step 1: Go to the Time tab

Step 2: Select the project, and enter number of hours


Step 3: Click Add

Registering Non-Project Time

Step 1: Go to the Time tab

Step 2: Select Non-project time, the type of non-project time, and enter number of hours.


Step 3: Click Add

Add Notes to your Time Entries

View notes on time entries from the week view

Step 1: Click on the green bubble.


Step 2: Type in your note


Keep in Mind: Notes are visible to you and to users with permission levels of Manager or above.

A Calendar View of Your Time


The month view shows:

  • Reported Time entries
  • Week numbers
  • Total of registered time
  • An alert icon to remind you of any missing time entries

View other People's Time Entries

In the top left corner, select a team member to view their time entries.


Keep in Mind: Viewing someone else's time is for users with permission levels of Manager or above.