Automatically track and report time with the built-in timer

Forecast has a built-in timer made to make it easy for you to track your time during your day. The timer is available in both the web browser version of Forecast, and in the app available for both Android and iOS platforms. Thus, you can bring Forecast with you on the run, and track your time directly on cards as you go by your day.

The timer is running in real-time across both the web version and the mobile apps, which makes you able to start the timer on your laptop, and stop it again on your phone.

Web App

You find the timer at the top of your screen. Click the start/stop button to respectively start and stop the timer. Reset the timer by clicking the cross, X.

Step 1: Click Start


Step 2: Click Stop


Step 3: Select project and card to report the time on


Step 4: Click Add

Mobile Apps

Step 1: Tap the Start button at the bottom


Step 2: Tap the Pause button at the bottom


Step 3: Tap the card you've been working on


Step 4: Tap Report Time