Utilization Report

Learn to navigate the report of your team members' utilization data across the entire organization. Time to read: 5min

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Navigating to the report

In order to reach the Utilization Report click on the Reports tab and finally click on the ''New Report'' button. In the list of reports types you will find The Utilization Report. 


Note: there is a faster way!  Click +NEW button at the top right corner of any page, choose ''Report'' from the menu and click ''Utilization Report''.

Utilization Report Navigation

The picture below shows you exactly where to find everything you need in the report page:


1.) Period / Month by Month views: here you can choose to see the data either in the specific Period or in the Month by Month section.

2.) Toggle between Billable utilization and Resource utilization: the difference here is that resource utilization is the total utilization, while billable utilization is only billable projects. 

3.) Dates: here you are able to input the dates that you would like the report to cover.

4.) Ability to save the preferences (date range, show/hide, filters) that you set up in the report.

5.) Ability to export the list view as CSV.

6.) Show/Hide Icon: this feature, as we shall see later on, allows you to customize your report the way that you want it to look like by adding or removing any and all information that are displayed on the report.

7.) Filters: The filters in this page give you more customization options by filtering out information from your project and presenting you with a report best suited to your needs.

Utilization chart

The gauge and the graph visualizations give you a great first overview of your utilization.


The doted line in the chart represents the company target and the blue line shows the current utilization for the period selected. 

Billable Utilization Target can be set by Admins from the Admin Panel. At the ''Details'' tab you will find the Resource Management setting where you can define company's goal for the Billable Utilization. 

Note: if that is not set by the Admins, the system will show the default option of 80%.

Utilization Totals

These charts show you the data that you enabled through the show/hide icon. totals

Totals are grouped by a team member. Click on the person's name to expand and see the breakdown of the time items.

Functions of Utilization Report

Show/Hide Icon

The hide/show function is, perhaps, the most useful tool in your disposal.
Through it you are allowed to to add and remove a significant number of information to your report.

For example, include Actuals - Billable Time and Plan - Billable time to see what was planned for the team member to work on and what was actually delivered.

eye icon 1

billIn this case, Ryan was allocated to work 73h in this period and he registered 36h so far. 

Tool tips

If you hover your pointer on the name of the column , the pop-up window will show you what exactly is factored in the calculation.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (6)-4

billable time

Billable utilization/Resource Utilization

You have a possibility to toggle between billable utilization and resource utilization. The difference here is that the billable utilization counts in only billable projects, while the resource utilization represents the total utilization, so including the non-billable items as well.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (6)-Mar-15-2021-04-44-52-67-PM

On the Period page this toggle will effect only the graphs. In Utilization Totals you can enable both billable utilization and resource utilization items through the Show/hide icon.

On the Month by Month page this toggle will effect the whole page and show you a different percentage for the billable utilization or the resource utilization.

Month by Month

In the Month by month section you will see your team's utilization at the month level and in percentage. 

ezgif.com-gif-maker (6)-Mar-11-2021-06-33-04-07-PM

Under the charts you will find the Forecasted Billable Utilization or Forecasted Resource Utilization, depending what you choose in the toggle. This a mirror view from your Schedule People tab, zoomed-out to a monthly view.

montThe benefit of this report is that you can plan for the future utilization at a higher level than what you get in the schedule, but you still have to go to the schedule to do the plan. In the report you can't zoom in to a week or day view, you can only go back or forward in time and in a full calendar a year.

Save function

Utilization report gives you an opportunity to create your personalized view with the date range, show/hide options and specific filters, that you can save for a later use. When you apply you options and filters and click 'Save', a new report is created in the reports page, called ''Utilization report, Untitled''. This way you can create many Utilization report variations focusing on different aspects.


You will find your new report here:


Click on the three dots on this report and choose 'Rename' to give it a specific name.