Warnings and Notifications

Here you will find a list of the warning and notification icons that you come across in Forecast, whether in My Tasks, Projects, or Timesheets pages.


Red Warning could mean any of the following:

  • Task deadline is after the sprint end date 
  • Task deadline is after the project end date                 
  • There is unfinished work in a sprint 
  • Task deadline is after Milestone deadline
  • Registered more hours than the high estimate


yellow exclamation mark
Yellow warning means that someone registered more hours than the estimate 



task options

      1.              2.              3.               4. 

Every task has several icons which help you with describing it:

  1. Mark as a high priority
  2. Mark as a bug
  3. Mark as non-billable
  4. Block

    With the above in mind, you might, for example, encounter the following combinations of symbols:

    Accordingly, this would mean that the task deadline is after the sprint end date, the task is blocked, and the task is a bug.


    Dependencies-5  This symbol indicates that the given task involves dependencies.


    comments  Look for comments



    AttachmentsAttachments are found in the given task


    no time registered              No time registered 

    warning click here Warning: click on the icon to see the list of warnings (you will see this warning in the budget page) 


    hover for detailed info Hover for detailed info


    project description Project Description