Xero Integration Setup

Learn how to set up and use the Xero integration in Forecast.

Reading time: 5 minutes 

Main takeaways:

  • By enabling the Xero integration, you will be able to send invoices through Forecast directly to Xero
  • Once activated, we automatically add a new Xero tab to all of your projects
  • Note: the integration does not work on Connected Projects


If you are looking to learn what you can do with the integration, please see Xero Integration 


Step 1: Go to the Xero integration in your admin panel, or click here.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)-Nov-02-2020-10-34-53-97-AM


Step 2: Click Enable Xero APP

enable xero app


Step 3: Authorize the account with Xero

Note: You will need to sign in to your Xero account

2020-06-18 (h)

Once you log in successfully and allow Xero to integrate with Forecast you are ready to make use of the integration in any project you want.