Xero Integration Setup

Learn how to set up the Integration between Xero and Forecast

Reading time: 5 minutes 

Main takeaways:

  • By enabling the Xero integration, you will be able to send invoices through Forecast directly to Xero
  • Once activated, we automatically add a new Xero tab to all of your projects
  • Note: the integration does not work on Connected Projects


If you are looking to learn what you can do with the integration, please see Xero Integration 


Step 1: Go to the Xero integration in your admin panel, or click here.

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Step 2: Click Enable Xero APP

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Step 3: Authorize the account with Xero

Note: You will need to sign in to your Xero account

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Step 4: Go to the settings page of a given project in Forecast

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Step 5: Go to the Xero tab in the left sidebar



Step 6: Click the Create Invoice button to get started



Step 7: Select items for the invoice


At the top left of the window, you can select what should be billed on the invoice, e.g. time registrations, card titles, roles, or milestones. So, here you decide what your client sees on the bill.

At the top right of the window, you can sort the list by current month, dates, etc.

You can even give discounts on specific items by typing a percentage into the Discount field, and it will automatically be subtracted on your final invoice.


Step 8: At the right, check the checkboxes for the items you wish to send to the invoice in Xero. You can also check all of them at the top.


Step 9: Click Next


Step 10: Enter Xero information, i.e. invoice reference, invoice client, invoice account, and invoice due date.


Step 11: Click Send

You'll now be sent to Xero to review the invoice draft. Continue as you normally would, approve the invoice, register received payment, etc.

Remember, to update information in your Xero tab, you need to click the Synchronize Existing Invoices button, and approve the action on the following page in Xero.