Xero integration

Setup the Xero integration to start exporting your invoices to Xero

This integration builds on the Forecast invoicing feature. For more information on invoicing in Forecast, see this article.


In order to setup the Xero integration you have to have access to an admin account in Forecast and an admin account in Xero.

  1. Go the the Xero integration page in Forecast.
  2. Press the "Enable" button to initiate the setup flow.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will end up back on the Xero integration page. The Xero organization which you have attached your Forecast company to should be named here. If it is, you are all set up and can begin exploring the functionality of the Xero integration as described below.

Importing Clients

Once the integration is set up, the first step is to import Xero clients into Forecast. A client that exists in Xero is needed in order to be able to export invoices to Xero. The import is performed manually by going to the client page. In the top right of the page you will see a "Synchronize" button, which creates all Xero clients in Forecast, unless they have already been created this way.

Note that if you create new clients in Xero and want to export invoices with those as customers, you have to import clients again.

Exporting invoices

Once you have setup the Xero integration and created an invoice in Forecast, you can export an invoice to Xero. You do this from the invoices page, by clicking the "Export" button next to the invoice you want to export.

In the first step in the export flow, you select the customer and account which the invoice should be linked to in Xero. 

Once exported, you can click the Xero icon on an invoice to be redirected to the exported invoice in Xero.

Synchronize Invoices

Once you export an invoice from Forecast, that invoice is un-editable in Forecast. Conceptually, exporting an invoice is handing over control of that invoice to the third party. Any changes made to the invoice, its entries and payments, in the external system is reflected in Forecast on synchronization.

To synchronize your exported invoices, navigate to the invoices page and click the "Synchronize" button in the top-right of the page.